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Good news and bad news

Good news: I finished Sonnet! After over two years of on and off knitting she has been completed and seamed together.

completed Sonnet

Bad news: There is something structurally wrong with her. She is unwearable. I don't know if I chose the wrong fiber (cotton) or if I did goofy measurements (likely) or if it is just a style that isn't going to look good on me (why oh why am I attracted to boxy, shapeless patterns when I am a woman with curves?).

Sonnet is a cute pattern that was actually pretty fun to do. It is knit in garter stitch sideways. I used Elann's Endless Summer Collection, Sonota in the Seashell colorway (see the serendipity here? How could I have resisted?). It is a lovely mercerized cotton and I love the colors. It was supposed to be a beach cardi so the fiber and color were/are perfect.

One thing I really liked about the Sonnet pattern is that it doesn't matter what gauge your yarn is, there are formulas for working out the measurements. But I think the combination of the cotton (no memory) and my shape (deliciously curvy) made this a bad pattern choice for myself.

The neckline comes down so far it skims the nips. And the whole thing hangs very awkwardly and looks more like an attempt to bandage my torso than an attempt to swath it lovingly in beachy-colored cotton for seaside comfort. I'm not sure this cardi is supposed to hang at all. I think it is meant to be more form fitting.

This is a crushing disappointment because it was acres and acres of knitting cotton and I really did need the cotton cardi. This is why I like baby sweaters vs. sweaters for big people. The size of the disappointment.

There is more good news however. This does take a big project out of the "to do" basket and frees up a whole set of needles. I'm not sure I can face this fiber again. Anyone want to trade for a gigantic torso bandage and about 920 yards of left over cotton still in skein-form?

I'm totally not kidding.


I'm thinking beach coverup, worn over a suit.

I can't even do that. I mean, it isn't unflattering...there is something wrong with it. It is tight in some places and too loose in others and doesn't cover where it should cover and drapes where you don't want drape. Remember that Cosby episode where Denise makes Theo a shirt? Think that.

Only if I can use it as sock yarn. :-D