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A wooly Mt. Everest

I have this project underway right now to reclaim my needles from the various black-hole project crannies. I took a first pass and liberated about 10 pairs of needles. I thought finally having a set of needles in each size was great progress.

Last night I decided to organize the yarn that was scattered about from the move and get all the WIPs into one basket so it would be easier to work through them and either finish or rip out. I knew I had more projects than I could count a lot of projects but I was still overwhelmed shocked dismayed surprised by how quickly and how many accumulated in that basket.

I'm not sure this picture correctly depicts scale. That basket is huge (it used to hold about 12 of those giant binders and they sat below the rim) and it runs over into the two giant project bags next to it. Oh, and there is another basket on the other side of the sofa just for charity knitting projects.

WIP hell

And I didn't even go through all of my yarn crannies. Obviously I have many sets of needles in the baskets but even just what I found loose in my reorganization added up to about another 10 sets.

Oh, make that 11 since I finished up a hat that was languishing in the basket. One down...a gazillion more to go.


Don't worry, I am still working on some things for next year's Dulaan. I moved too, so production got put off for a while.

That is so funny! If I searched out all the hiding needles, I could probably stock a yarn store...

That's either Sad or FABULOUS!