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August 24, 2006

Hit and run

How do you get rejected for a job that didn't exist? I didn't apply for anything because there was no job description and no job posting. It was supposed to be a conversation (I thought I was networking) but I somehow got a rejection out of it. Ouch. "We don't have anything, but just so you know, we still don't want you."

You can't help but be left thinking, "was it me?"

August 22, 2006

Let the bidding begin

Alright, so we need an update of sorts. I haven't been knitting much. Just haven't been in the mood. I'm fairly certain that the heartbreak of Sonnet does have something to do with it. I'm grieving.

So I turn my energy to the employment front. Yesterday was my exit interview. It just happened to fall on my 6 month anniversary with the company. Waiting in my inbox when I came in for the exit interview was a certificate of congratulations that I had completed the "Into Intel" program. Congratulations and now, buh bye. Oh, and when I went out to my car the license plate on the truck parked next to me spelled out BYE in the letters part.

I have to admit I kind of liked all those coincidences. There was something tidy about it and I feel like I'm being directed somewhere. I don't take being laid off personally and the fact that this particular reorganization decision is such a disaster (on what planet is eliminating an entire training organization a sound business decision?) kind of makes you glad that you have been given the opportunity to slowly back away from impending disaster.

I don't mean disaster for the entire organization. I just think there are going to be quite a few nice people put in impossible circumstances before they figure out what will fix it. I really feel for those nice people. As usual, the genius that made the decision will feel very little pain. It will be the great folks who are the heart and soul of what works that will feel the pain. You hate to see that.

Plus I am in the unique position of being a hot property. It is really exciting and an awfully nice change from being the leper I felt like a couple of years ago. This time around, THEY are calling ME and I have one to two interviews a week and the offers are starting.

I have one from a local university's distance learning program. I didn't think that would be a viable offer but they met my salary demands and have sent out the paperwork for me to look over.

There is also another really exciting opportunity with a big company in, get this, digital entertainment. Oh. My. Gawd. How much fun would it be to be in digital entertainment? Listening to my iPod and playing online games becomes necessary research.

They are supposed to be calling me for an interview this week. The only downside to that one is it is a 6 month to 2 year contract and it is in Vancouver. I really wanted to stay in the area I'm in now.

There are others but it is pretty much only interesting to me. Everyone keep good thoughts that I get more offers and choose wisely.

August 17, 2006

Good news and bad news

Good news: I finished Sonnet! After over two years of on and off knitting she has been completed and seamed together.

completed Sonnet

Bad news: There is something structurally wrong with her. She is unwearable. I don't know if I chose the wrong fiber (cotton) or if I did goofy measurements (likely) or if it is just a style that isn't going to look good on me (why oh why am I attracted to boxy, shapeless patterns when I am a woman with curves?).

Sonnet is a cute pattern that was actually pretty fun to do. It is knit in garter stitch sideways. I used Elann's Endless Summer Collection, Sonota in the Seashell colorway (see the serendipity here? How could I have resisted?). It is a lovely mercerized cotton and I love the colors. It was supposed to be a beach cardi so the fiber and color were/are perfect.

One thing I really liked about the Sonnet pattern is that it doesn't matter what gauge your yarn is, there are formulas for working out the measurements. But I think the combination of the cotton (no memory) and my shape (deliciously curvy) made this a bad pattern choice for myself.

The neckline comes down so far it skims the nips. And the whole thing hangs very awkwardly and looks more like an attempt to bandage my torso than an attempt to swath it lovingly in beachy-colored cotton for seaside comfort. I'm not sure this cardi is supposed to hang at all. I think it is meant to be more form fitting.

This is a crushing disappointment because it was acres and acres of knitting cotton and I really did need the cotton cardi. This is why I like baby sweaters vs. sweaters for big people. The size of the disappointment.

There is more good news however. This does take a big project out of the "to do" basket and frees up a whole set of needles. I'm not sure I can face this fiber again. Anyone want to trade for a gigantic torso bandage and about 920 yards of left over cotton still in skein-form?

I'm totally not kidding.

August 15, 2006

The Diet Pepsi is on me...

Whoo hoo! I found a reason to completely rationalize my Diet Pepsi addiction. Not only have they named a woman as CEO but she is a woman of color. I used to say I didn't have a preference but I certainly do now!

August 14, 2006

Running Dawg

I promised a video of Sapphire sleeping. How interesting could that possibly be you ask? Probably not very. But I share nonetheless. The reason I even took a video and am sharing it is because Sapphire runs in her sleep. I don't mean little paw twitches that most dogs do. Sapphire runs full out. I don't think anyone is supposed to move like this while they sleep because they can hurt themselves (or others when they are sleeping on the other end of those legs).

She doesn't wake herself up either. She can be banging against the wall (until her paws bleed) or even be curled up and kicking herself in the chin and she doesn't wake up. She will wake up as soon as I gently touch her leg or softly call her name but her own running doesn't do it. In fact, she often runs harder than this but I have a hard time getting video of it because when I stand up to get the camera she wakes up to make sure I'm not going anywhere without her. So this just gives you an idea of the low end of her sleep-running.

Personally I like the little leg waggle she does at the beginning.

August 06, 2006

A wooly Mt. Everest

I have this project underway right now to reclaim my needles from the various black-hole project crannies. I took a first pass and liberated about 10 pairs of needles. I thought finally having a set of needles in each size was great progress.

Last night I decided to organize the yarn that was scattered about from the move and get all the WIPs into one basket so it would be easier to work through them and either finish or rip out. I knew I had more projects than I could count a lot of projects but I was still overwhelmed shocked dismayed surprised by how quickly and how many accumulated in that basket.

I'm not sure this picture correctly depicts scale. That basket is huge (it used to hold about 12 of those giant binders and they sat below the rim) and it runs over into the two giant project bags next to it. Oh, and there is another basket on the other side of the sofa just for charity knitting projects.

WIP hell

And I didn't even go through all of my yarn crannies. Obviously I have many sets of needles in the baskets but even just what I found loose in my reorganization added up to about another 10 sets.

Oh, make that 11 since I finished up a hat that was languishing in the basket. One down...a gazillion more to go.

August 04, 2006

Happy. Period.

A nice thing about reading blogs are the different perspectives and backgrounds that result in discussions that get started. Juno started a really interesting discussion a couple of weeks ago and, for me, it carried over into conversations with women I know in the analog world.

Then, today, something made me laugh for about 10 minutes. Normally when I'm in the bathroom taking care of this I don't laugh but bless the pranksters with Always feminine products. I looked down to tear off the last strip covering the sticky wings and was greeted with this:

well wishes

Juno? Juno? Did you see this? It isn't a day off from work once a month but it goes a long way in improving attitudes towards that time of the monthly appointment with Aunt Flo or whatever euphemism you want to put here. At least, it improved my attitude and I think my uterus appreciated the well wishes.