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We have sharp pointy sticks and we aren't afraid to use them!

I really have been knitting. Not a lot. I usually go through a knitting malaise during the summer. This is usually when I pick up my needlepoint but the novelty of wireless in my home has bewitched me and my laptop is often in my lap.

Update on me: I'll probably know about the impending lay off next week. It is highly likely which is probably why I'm not actually all that stressed. I have skills and the job market is so much better than when I first moved to Oregon. There are some really good prospects I'm working on.

I am bummed about leaving this job because I have been enjoying it so much. I liked the organization a great deal more than I thought I would. I thought, gigantic international high tech corporation will be stuffy, constipated and stifled. But I'm finding very different scenarios. So bummer that I can't continue on here.

A completely unrelated chain of tasks led me to Wikipedia this morning. I often check Wikipedia for definitions but this one was really interesting and surprised me a little. I know what luddite means but looked it up out of curiosity (Wikipedia gives great back ground history on words) and found the knitting connection. I hadn't associated knitting with an uprising before. Who knew it could be so socially and politically charged?


Totally unrelated but not, the Luddite movement is mentioned in the movie "You've Got Mail."