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Random Fridays

I haven't been able to find my digital camera in a while. I went looking for it when I found a gigantic spider in my bathtub one morning and that was when I realized I have misplaced it. I'm sure it is around I just don't know where.

So without pictures to talk against I haven't been posting much. What does that say about me? I started this whole blog thing as a low-consequence writing exercise. And now I can't write unless there are visual cues? Most of my favorite posts in the blog world are all text so I don't know how I have slipped into this habit.

This entire entry sounds like a great lead into a text-heavy post on something meaningful. But it is Friday, my lay off is hanging over my head. My boss is probably going to get laid off today and all of this hit the front page of the paper today. Actually I wanted to take the day off but I wanted to be here for my manager. She is a lovely woman and I wish we were working together longer.

So you aren't getting anything meaningful. Phooey on meaningful. You get random stuff. In fact, speaking of random, while I was walking to the garbage can to throw away dog poop I thought I should designate every Friday as random Friday.

So I'm starting with photos I uploaded to the site thinking I would use them for a post and I haven't yet.

When I was working at the yarn store in Cannon Beach, we had an artist come in and show us some of her work. We started saving yarn bits for her and the result was this amazing mermaid.


Isn't she beautiful? I think that is what mermaids probably look like. All made up of bits of stuff. I saw the new Pirates of the Carribean last night and some of those creatures work on the same principle and it looks really cool. Here is a little more detail of her face:

mermaid face

And her tail:

mermaid tail

I can't remember if I shared this fabulous photo or not. But doggonit, I'm getting to work knitting so when the cold weather gets here I can prance around and look as kicky and cute as these two!

kicky outfits

Can you handle all this randomness? Does it make you ready for the weekend? Good, me too.


Hey Laurie - I just wanted to tell you to hang in there and encourage you to focus on the future -

Although it's such a tribulation to live through, know that better things await you soon...

Thinking of your with GREAT positive eneryg, Bonne Marie