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I'm so glad to see folks getting caught up in knitting dishcloths (and here, and against all odds, here). I'm glad because I feel like I can come out of the dishcloth closet now. They aren't sexy, they aren't even that pretty sometimes, but my family and I love our cotton knit/crocheted dishcloths. I've said many times that the only items I've had repeat requests for are socks and dishcloths. So I always keep a stash of cotton yarn about and frequently make them up.

These are the latest.


I've been experimenting with a larger gauge cotton yarn for more knubby-scrubby bits and with making a much smaller square. I call it a scrubbie. I think I'll like it better than the bigger ones which can be floppy. I don't know how the larger gauge cotton will be when it is wet and if it will take forever to dry. They are a little bigger than the palm of my hand. In fact, they are about as big as the base of my palm to my first finger knuckles for maximum grabbing effect.

I'm frequently asked by friends how many projects I have on the needles. I always tell them I don't know. The usual response is laughter but I don't think they realize that I honestly don't know. I have so many projects on the needles scattered from here to Vancouver that I haven't got the foggiest idea the number of WIP projects I have.

Now in the past that has been just fine with me. Knitting is my hobby and why would I want to be disciplined with something that is supposed to be relaxing? But I've hit a serious crises. When I leave a project on the needles, this means, that in order to knit something else, I HAVE TO BUY MORE NEEDLES!

I have purchased enough needles to stock several yarn stores. I have two Denise needle sets and I still can't find the needles I need when I want to work on a project. So buy stitch holders you say? See, that feels like I'm admitting defeat. I should either finish the project or rip it out. So I'm on a huge campaign to get projects off of the needles. I either have to finish them or rip them out and admit I wasn't liking it anyway. I want to get all of my projects down to one large clear plastic tub. 

This means I'm digging projects out of nooks and crannies and assessing them. This isn't easy. I have a huge pile of projects and yarn next to my sofa while I decide their fate. And I have a new, temporary rule that I can't start a new project until I do something with at least three projects.

This resulted in a small rash of finishing this weekend.

red baby socks

Sapphire insisted in sitting where I was photographing so these cute little baby socks are being modeled by her hip. This completed project yielded a pair of size 2 circs.

blue baby cardi

This project just needed the collar to be knit and the sides seamed. It still needs buttons. How cute did this turn out? It was one of those pattern sheets from Sirdar. It was fun to do because of the trim detail but the yarn, Tiny Tots, is kind of icky to knit with. It is acrylic (so the baby can freely leak) with little colorful thread nubbies. Looks great, feels pretty good but splits and the nubs get in the way. And this was my first collar! It was pretty easy and looks fantastic. This finish freed up a size 5 circ.

colorful wool fish

I'm still working on these but I finished the pink and green fish and I'm almost done with the primary-color stripey fish. They will get felted and stuffed and then become a mobile I think. I need to do at least one more for the mobile, but two more would be better. This is a little FiberSpace kit I got out of one of the catalogs. They are pretty fun to do but hurt my hands because I'm just not used to the double pointed needles.  These will free up size 7 (I think) dpns.

So I persevere and the pile of newly freed needles on my dining table grows (I ripped out two other projects).

Liberate the Needles!


Way to go! I should take a hint and do some of the same needle liberation. I'm so easily distracted by new yarns and new patterns. But with the heat being what it is, I've just been picking away at some socks. No energy to think about a new project.