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Gratuituous Greyhound Photos

Argus is mercilessly bossed around by Sapphire. She keeps especially tight control on the food bowl. This isn't all bad because I think if Argus had his way he would eat all the food all day long. But as he gets a little bit older (12 in September) he is looking a little thin so I have been supplementing his diet with canned food and extra treats.

Yesterday I left the pantry door open while doing something else and I came back to find this:

Argus pigging out

That is his head down in the treat bag helping himself. He would go get a treat, take it out and away from the pantry a little way, sit down, eat his treat and then start all over again.

I got such a big kick out of how much fun he was having (you could just hear him thinking, "score!") that I sat back and let him go to town. I usually keep healthy treats on hand so it won't hurt him.

But a little bit later, after his treat orgy, I found him sleeping like this:

Argus with tonge out

That is a doggy food-coma.

But Argus has always been funny to watch sleep as evidenced by this uncomfortable looking position:

Argus sleeps with head down

I assure you, his bed is long enough to accommodate his little head.

As proof, here he is today in nearly the same pose. This time he managed to have his tongue stick up and bend his little nose all wonky.

Argus tongue up

He loves to hang the head like that.

I've been knitting today and managed to finish off the blue sweater that was seamed in a WIP sweep a couple weekends ago. It just needed buttons so I walked over to Joanne's and couldn't resist the Beatrix Potter buttons.

Peter Rabbit

He looks a little like Argus and his treats, don't you think?


Lovely pictures all. The tongue is so cute and bunny buttons too! You're too much.

Now that's one pooped puppy!

FAB pictures - what's funny(notfunny) is that's how I looked last night sleeping in this hella weather we're having -

It cracks me up that dogs carry their *score* aways away from the source to enjoy - why oh why they do that? :)

Stay cool, m'lady!