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A Lady of Leisure

Yup, the ax has fallen. Bummer. But I'm all aflurry in resumes and interviews so I think we can keep the leisure time down to a minimum. After all, we have a yarn habit to support here.

So I have the morning off and guess what I'm indulging in?

mail fun

My Museum of Kitschy Stitches came this weekend! Good lord what is with that chin strap? What kind of gale is she expecting?


You don't have to be a knitter to appreciate this material. In fact, a quick glance inside showed that even the models in the pictures were staring at each other in horror.

the horror!

Good stuff.

Thanks Stitchy! This is way more fun than monster.com.

Sapphire couldn't quite work up the same enthusiasm. But then, she never really took to the hand knits.

Sapphire excitement

Time for a trip down memory lane...

I heard the theme song for The Rockford Files this weekend and then caught an episode this morning (TV during the day, it is all good!). I forget what a great show this was. And James Garner is the man.

I did location work while I was an undergraduate at the University of Southern California. Which means I worked with the film crews that want to shoot on campus. And a lot of them want to shoot at USC because it looks like an ivy-league school in their backyard.

One of the shoots I got to work on was a Rockford Files movie. In the mid-90s they were doing TV movies rather than the series but it was still James Garner and I was in awe. I worked on a lot of sets with a lot of famous people but only a few made me beeble like a idiot. James Garner was one of them. He was absolutely as cool as you might imagine him to be.

Other stars that left me in awe? You'll just have to wait until another post. Of course I'm going to milk this as long as possible. I'll just tell you that one of them was another actor from a long-running 70s television series. His first and last initial are the same. Any guesses?


Yay, you got it! It looks so weird just sitting there - existing in someone else's house. I hope you like it. I think Sapphire (such a pretty girl!) will get a kick out of page 86.

Good luck with your job search! And the 70s actor...I'm stumped but totally intrigued. Please, tell all!