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July 29, 2006

Gratuituous Greyhound Photos

Argus is mercilessly bossed around by Sapphire. She keeps especially tight control on the food bowl. This isn't all bad because I think if Argus had his way he would eat all the food all day long. But as he gets a little bit older (12 in September) he is looking a little thin so I have been supplementing his diet with canned food and extra treats.

Yesterday I left the pantry door open while doing something else and I came back to find this:

Argus pigging out

That is his head down in the treat bag helping himself. He would go get a treat, take it out and away from the pantry a little way, sit down, eat his treat and then start all over again.

I got such a big kick out of how much fun he was having (you could just hear him thinking, "score!") that I sat back and let him go to town. I usually keep healthy treats on hand so it won't hurt him.

But a little bit later, after his treat orgy, I found him sleeping like this:

Argus with tonge out

That is a doggy food-coma.

But Argus has always been funny to watch sleep as evidenced by this uncomfortable looking position:

Argus sleeps with head down

I assure you, his bed is long enough to accommodate his little head.

As proof, here he is today in nearly the same pose. This time he managed to have his tongue stick up and bend his little nose all wonky.

Argus tongue up

He loves to hang the head like that.

I've been knitting today and managed to finish off the blue sweater that was seamed in a WIP sweep a couple weekends ago. It just needed buttons so I walked over to Joanne's and couldn't resist the Beatrix Potter buttons.

Peter Rabbit

He looks a little like Argus and his treats, don't you think?

July 27, 2006

Wraps were popular in the 70s!

Yessirree, my 70s TV star with the same first and last initial is Alan Alda.

alan alda

For understandable reasons, I was in awe of him. And he was exactly as you would expect him to be: unassuming, professional and nice. And he was much better looking in person. Not that he isn't handsome on film but he is handsomer in person.

It isn't as hot as it was but I'm still avoiding the wool. I'm sticking to the cotton socks and this:

hemp baby wrap

A baby wrap from Mason-Dixon Knitting. I'm doing it in hemp. This is the first time I've knit with hemp and I'm not loving it a whole bunch. It feels just like knitting with twine (I think it might actually BE twine, isn't it?). Twine that twists back on itself all the time. You can put it in the washer and dryer and it does soften up with washing (I felt the shop sample) but it is not pleasant now. Great color though, doncha think?

The pattern is fun, knit in one piece and it may actually be an infant sweater that will fit an infant. It seems like whenever I make a sweater for 0-3 months the size is more like 6-12 months. This one is nice and small.

I don't have another gratuitous greyhound photo. It would just be another sleeping one. I'll get some video of Sapphire running in her sleep. You have to see it to believe it!

July 25, 2006

A Lady of Leisure

Yup, the ax has fallen. Bummer. But I'm all aflurry in resumes and interviews so I think we can keep the leisure time down to a minimum. After all, we have a yarn habit to support here.

So I have the morning off and guess what I'm indulging in?

mail fun

My Museum of Kitschy Stitches came this weekend! Good lord what is with that chin strap? What kind of gale is she expecting?


You don't have to be a knitter to appreciate this material. In fact, a quick glance inside showed that even the models in the pictures were staring at each other in horror.

the horror!

Good stuff.

Thanks Stitchy! This is way more fun than monster.com.

Sapphire couldn't quite work up the same enthusiasm. But then, she never really took to the hand knits.

Sapphire excitement

Time for a trip down memory lane...

I heard the theme song for The Rockford Files this weekend and then caught an episode this morning (TV during the day, it is all good!). I forget what a great show this was. And James Garner is the man.

I did location work while I was an undergraduate at the University of Southern California. Which means I worked with the film crews that want to shoot on campus. And a lot of them want to shoot at USC because it looks like an ivy-league school in their backyard.

One of the shoots I got to work on was a Rockford Files movie. In the mid-90s they were doing TV movies rather than the series but it was still James Garner and I was in awe. I worked on a lot of sets with a lot of famous people but only a few made me beeble like a idiot. James Garner was one of them. He was absolutely as cool as you might imagine him to be.

Other stars that left me in awe? You'll just have to wait until another post. Of course I'm going to milk this as long as possible. I'll just tell you that one of them was another actor from a long-running 70s television series. His first and last initial are the same. Any guesses?

July 17, 2006


I'm so glad to see folks getting caught up in knitting dishcloths (and here, and against all odds, here). I'm glad because I feel like I can come out of the dishcloth closet now. They aren't sexy, they aren't even that pretty sometimes, but my family and I love our cotton knit/crocheted dishcloths. I've said many times that the only items I've had repeat requests for are socks and dishcloths. So I always keep a stash of cotton yarn about and frequently make them up.

These are the latest.


I've been experimenting with a larger gauge cotton yarn for more knubby-scrubby bits and with making a much smaller square. I call it a scrubbie. I think I'll like it better than the bigger ones which can be floppy. I don't know how the larger gauge cotton will be when it is wet and if it will take forever to dry. They are a little bigger than the palm of my hand. In fact, they are about as big as the base of my palm to my first finger knuckles for maximum grabbing effect.

I'm frequently asked by friends how many projects I have on the needles. I always tell them I don't know. The usual response is laughter but I don't think they realize that I honestly don't know. I have so many projects on the needles scattered from here to Vancouver that I haven't got the foggiest idea the number of WIP projects I have.

Now in the past that has been just fine with me. Knitting is my hobby and why would I want to be disciplined with something that is supposed to be relaxing? But I've hit a serious crises. When I leave a project on the needles, this means, that in order to knit something else, I HAVE TO BUY MORE NEEDLES!

I have purchased enough needles to stock several yarn stores. I have two Denise needle sets and I still can't find the needles I need when I want to work on a project. So buy stitch holders you say? See, that feels like I'm admitting defeat. I should either finish the project or rip it out. So I'm on a huge campaign to get projects off of the needles. I either have to finish them or rip them out and admit I wasn't liking it anyway. I want to get all of my projects down to one large clear plastic tub. 

This means I'm digging projects out of nooks and crannies and assessing them. This isn't easy. I have a huge pile of projects and yarn next to my sofa while I decide their fate. And I have a new, temporary rule that I can't start a new project until I do something with at least three projects.

This resulted in a small rash of finishing this weekend.

red baby socks

Sapphire insisted in sitting where I was photographing so these cute little baby socks are being modeled by her hip. This completed project yielded a pair of size 2 circs.

blue baby cardi

This project just needed the collar to be knit and the sides seamed. It still needs buttons. How cute did this turn out? It was one of those pattern sheets from Sirdar. It was fun to do because of the trim detail but the yarn, Tiny Tots, is kind of icky to knit with. It is acrylic (so the baby can freely leak) with little colorful thread nubbies. Looks great, feels pretty good but splits and the nubs get in the way. And this was my first collar! It was pretty easy and looks fantastic. This finish freed up a size 5 circ.

colorful wool fish

I'm still working on these but I finished the pink and green fish and I'm almost done with the primary-color stripey fish. They will get felted and stuffed and then become a mobile I think. I need to do at least one more for the mobile, but two more would be better. This is a little FiberSpace kit I got out of one of the catalogs. They are pretty fun to do but hurt my hands because I'm just not used to the double pointed needles.  These will free up size 7 (I think) dpns.

So I persevere and the pile of newly freed needles on my dining table grows (I ripped out two other projects).

Liberate the Needles!

July 14, 2006

Random Fridays

I haven't been able to find my digital camera in a while. I went looking for it when I found a gigantic spider in my bathtub one morning and that was when I realized I have misplaced it. I'm sure it is around I just don't know where.

So without pictures to talk against I haven't been posting much. What does that say about me? I started this whole blog thing as a low-consequence writing exercise. And now I can't write unless there are visual cues? Most of my favorite posts in the blog world are all text so I don't know how I have slipped into this habit.

This entire entry sounds like a great lead into a text-heavy post on something meaningful. But it is Friday, my lay off is hanging over my head. My boss is probably going to get laid off today and all of this hit the front page of the paper today. Actually I wanted to take the day off but I wanted to be here for my manager. She is a lovely woman and I wish we were working together longer.

So you aren't getting anything meaningful. Phooey on meaningful. You get random stuff. In fact, speaking of random, while I was walking to the garbage can to throw away dog poop I thought I should designate every Friday as random Friday.

So I'm starting with photos I uploaded to the site thinking I would use them for a post and I haven't yet.

When I was working at the yarn store in Cannon Beach, we had an artist come in and show us some of her work. We started saving yarn bits for her and the result was this amazing mermaid.


Isn't she beautiful? I think that is what mermaids probably look like. All made up of bits of stuff. I saw the new Pirates of the Carribean last night and some of those creatures work on the same principle and it looks really cool. Here is a little more detail of her face:

mermaid face

And her tail:

mermaid tail

I can't remember if I shared this fabulous photo or not. But doggonit, I'm getting to work knitting so when the cold weather gets here I can prance around and look as kicky and cute as these two!

kicky outfits

Can you handle all this randomness? Does it make you ready for the weekend? Good, me too.

July 12, 2006

We have sharp pointy sticks and we aren't afraid to use them!

I really have been knitting. Not a lot. I usually go through a knitting malaise during the summer. This is usually when I pick up my needlepoint but the novelty of wireless in my home has bewitched me and my laptop is often in my lap.

Update on me: I'll probably know about the impending lay off next week. It is highly likely which is probably why I'm not actually all that stressed. I have skills and the job market is so much better than when I first moved to Oregon. There are some really good prospects I'm working on.

I am bummed about leaving this job because I have been enjoying it so much. I liked the organization a great deal more than I thought I would. I thought, gigantic international high tech corporation will be stuffy, constipated and stifled. But I'm finding very different scenarios. So bummer that I can't continue on here.

A completely unrelated chain of tasks led me to Wikipedia this morning. I often check Wikipedia for definitions but this one was really interesting and surprised me a little. I know what luddite means but looked it up out of curiosity (Wikipedia gives great back ground history on words) and found the knitting connection. I hadn't associated knitting with an uprising before. Who knew it could be so socially and politically charged?