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Quiet but not gone. So here is what I've been up to in a newsflash:

cascading leaves socks

Grandma's socks are done and have been gifted. I don't think she has taken them off her feet since. I did get them done in time for Mother's Day. I wish you could see the leaf pattern better but they are really pretty and understated. This is the perfect colorway for this particular pair of socks.

broadripple socks

Mom's socks are done and have been gifted. She did finally take them off but I don't think it will be for long. These are broadripple socks that I started as a Mother's Day present about two years ago and after having a major rip out I needed to set them aside to recover. I did them in Elann's Fixation copy. I don't think I really enjoyed knitting with this cotton/nylon mix. Hurt my hands. But Mom lives in AZ so cotton is better and she loves the super stretchy. I have to say this pattern is so lovely in this simple cream that this part was never boring.

fuscia colorway

I'm frantically trying to finish my last Dulaan sweater. It is pink and this other colorway that I got just because I liked it so much that I couldn't leave it behind at the store. I was knitting it and kept thinking the colors looked familiar. Then I realized why it looked familiar.

fuscia plant

The beautiful new fuscia I got for my patio.

Fun coincidence, no?

I have two pet peeves to share today.

Don't you hate those commercials that are selling handy dandy new products (a fancy new screwdriver or a contraption that dices food in one fell swoop) and when they demonstrate the "old" way a person has to use a screwdriver or a knife the person has no coordination? They slip using the screwdriver or act like they are cutting with a 50lb. knife. Those really irritate me.

Sticking with irritating commercials...those radio commercials that use a fake DJs discussing television shows make me want to run my car into the nearest wall. Does this really work? Do people think they are listening to real radio personalities actually having a conversation about a bunch of TV shows that all happen to be on the same network? These rank right up there with the "dramas" on wrestling networks. They make me irrationally insane.

And that's a wrap


Yippee!!! You're live and nationwide.

You have hair and no accent. I do not see Jean Luc!

somehow I am missing the picture of all of those lovely socks.
Now you use to work at Siren Song, correct?