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Great googly moogly. There are so many thoughts racing through my head when I look a this picture.

I think, first, we should organize our Dulaan brigade to help out with this cause. Rally everyone together so no squirrel has to scamper about in his or her birthday suit.

Then we need to organize the effort of actually putting all our little sweaters and vests on the Nutkins. Everyone start looking around your neighborhood. These squirrels are your responsibility.

I leave you with this image. Sometimes a treat is so wonderful that we forget to sit down while enjoying it. So we eat the whole thing with our fanny in the air.

Argus' fanny

Just a little philosophical wisdom from Argus and I to you.


And they'd knit up so quickly! -Amy

Like Hershey's Nuggets, extra creamy with almonds and toffee.