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The first Dulaan kits

The first pass through my house and yarn stash has yielded some great fiber for Dulaan kits. As I was organizing the yarns into sets I realized I have two categories: fun and creative.

The fun kits are no brainers. Their potential is clear and the biggest decision you will have to make is whether to stripe or not.

The creative kits are my favorite. These are the combinations that are less obvious and someone will have to be creative in their design. These are the kind of challenges that always yield the best results for me. These kits also tend to be the more expensive, finer fibers.

A lot of these kits will also need to be knit with bigger needles as I'm giving you two yarns that, combined, will present as a chunky or bulky weight fiber.

I will throw in a sheet with a basic roll brim hat pattern and a scarf/hat pattern and might even write in some suggestions or ideas but what you do with the kits are entirely up to you. So be creative, have fun, and share the final results with me so I can share them with everyone else!

Let us begin:

These are two hats I made carrying two strands of fiber which is what I'm suggesting with these kits.

The first hat used two small left over balls of Cascade 220. I knit with one color until I ran and and then just picked up and used the second ball. Through the whole hat I carried a strand of lace-weight white mohair to pull it together. You can see the cap of the hat is whiter but with the same mohair through the whole hat it just looks like a progression of color.

blue roll brim

The second hat I used pink Cascade 220 and carried along a strand of Funky Fur. The wool will keep the hat warm and the novelty yarn makes it cute for some little girl. I knit it pretty tight and with that acrylic fun fur I swear this thing is waterproof!

pink fuzzy roll brim

So almost all of these kits are based on the two-strand design. A wool carried along with a novelty yarn or a mohair. This is a really easy method of jazzing up a plain piece of knitting. If you are a beginner knitter, you can do this. You don't do anything differently; you just keep the two strands together while you knit them up. They are a lot of fun to knit and they go very quickly. I think the kids will really like the result.

I have quite a few kits so why don't I do five a day right now. If there is more demand I'll step it up.

Fun Kits:

The Rainbow Mohair Kit - SPOKEN FOR - this kit will make at least two hats and you might even be able to squeeze a third out of it. Starting from the left we have Peace Fleece in Baghdad Blue (I don't know the yardage but the skein is complete), then we have Artful Yarns Portrait (a mohair blend) in beautiful rainbow colors. Then we have a skein of fuchsia Lamb's Pride bulky which is a wool/mohair blend. Personally I would do one blue hat with the rainbow mohair and one pink hat with the rainbow mohair and then a hat striping the blue and pink and maybe a little mohair trim if there is any left over there.

rainbow mohair kit


The Classic Tweeds Kit - SPOKEN FOR - this white lace-weight mohair has had a little use but most of the skein is still there. I couldn't tell you the yardage. Enough for one hat and maybe some trim for a second. Or trim for one and striping for another. The middle skeins are left over Cascade 220 in a blue on blue variegation. This is one of the colors I used for my blue hat at the top of the post. The grey was a gift from a thoughtful fellow knitter. I have been hoarding it out of love for its beautiful heatheriness but it deserves to be useful. It is a wool blend and has just a bit of sheen to it so that the mohair pairing will likely be spectacular.

classic tweeds kit


Spring at the Beach Kit - I am inordinately fond of blue/brown pairings so this one speaks to me. On the left is a skein of Cascade Pastaza which is a beautiful chocolate brown 50/50 llama/wool mix. It has beautiful silver hairs that shoot through this. On the right is a skein of Bell Epoque, a wool/acrylic blend. It is a fun boucle with sparkly hair and silky hair. There is just enough champagne coloring that it will pair nicely with the pastaza. These two fibers will combine to make a bulky weight. There is 132 yards of Pastaza and only 55 yards of Bell Epoque so you can do two hats of striping or a trim of Bell Epoque.

spring at the beach kit


Classic Stripes - back to the basics with this one. Left over balls of blue Cascade 220 and a full skein of a merino/alpaca blend in pink. I've lost the labels to both but there will be enough for at least one hat and maybe some fiber to stripe with leftovers you have for a second hat.

classic stripes


Creative Kits:

It Ain 't Easy Being Green - this is our first creative kit. On the left is some left over variegated green wool. I think it was Arcana but it is really lovely. On the right is a skein of Patons Twister. This is comprised of a strand of lime green chenille and a strand of a white furry fiber. I have no idea how these are going to pair up. The weight is going to be strange so I don't think you can stripe and the green variegated may be completely lost. At the very least you can use the Arcana to make a hat and keep the Twister as a parting gift.

it aint easy being green

Claim your kit in the comments. Don't worry if you don't see your comment appear immediately I have the junk filter set pretty high but I will still see them and they will be time-stamped when they were submitted, not when I published them.

The comments template has dropped the name and email fields for some reason. I didn't mess with it so I don't know why it is doing this but please sign your comment and leave some kind of email. I suggest you embed something in your email to prevent the nasty spammers from harvesting it. "beth at earthlink dot net" works well or even "beth@dontyoudarespamme.earthlink.net." Protect your email!

Feel free to pass on the word to anyone you think might be interested in these kits. Personally, I think a giant yarn swap would be a lot of fun for this activity. Sometimes novelty, like knitting someone else's yarn, creates momentum. And this can be a last push to meet our goal right before the deadline.

Dulaan or bust!


Hi again,
I'm interested in both the rainbow mohair and the classic tweeds. I also have some bright mohair that might stretch one of those kits into four hats. If nobody else claims one, please email me at mallemaroking at gmail dot com. Thanks! It's a great idea for folks like me who don't have huge stashes to help you use up your leftovers.