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Kits part deux

How about some more kits? One note before we get started, most of the time I'm throwing complete skeins into the kits for two hats but if you really feel like you won't have the time to knit two hats, just let me know and I'll split the skeins and make two kits out of one.

Fun Kits:

Ha Cha Cha - bright, fiery colors should tickle any kid. On the left is red wool (Peace Fleece I think, I'm writing this at work) and on the right is about 1/2 a skein of Splash which is really furry and will hide just about any fiber carried with it. So this is probably best as a trim or a jazzy stripe through the hat.

ha cha cha


Rose and Blue - imaginatively named, I know. Rose colored Patons Divine on the left and Baghdad Blue Peace Fleece on the right. The Divine is very furry and really takes over whatever it is being knit with so it might be better to stripe with this. There is a ton of yardage on the Divine skein so I thought I would actually split this skein in half but if you want the whole skein and think you can use it I'll send you the whole thing. These two fibers combined should end up being fairly chunky. Probably enough here for two to three hats.

rose and blue


Summertime - this should be a really fun one to do. On the bottom is a forest green Peace Fleece and on top is a rainbow Katia Danubio. I love knitting with both of these. Combined, these will be fairly chunky but they should be so pretty! I can't wait to see this one whether the strands are carried together for the whole hat or striped. If you stripe you will have enough for two hats.


Fall Leaves - here is that beautiful chocolate Pastaza again paired with an autumn palette Splash. This should be really nice. Again, Splash dominates when it is knit with a strand of wool so you will have to make some design choices on striping or trim but the colors are lovely and the feathery furriness is fun for kids. I had originally planned a fall hat for myself with this trim thinking it would look exotic and Dr. Zhivago-ish. There is enough here for at least two hats.

fall leaves


Creative Kits:

Noro del Uruguay - what would you do with this? The end of a skein of Noro Kureyon and about half a skein of Manos del Uruguay and about half of a skein of Patons Divine. I can't wait to see what some clever, brave person does with this kit!

noro del uraguay


I won't be posting kits this weekend so come by Monday for more goodness. Have a great weekend and Happy Mothers' Day to all you Moms out there!


I can't wait for your next update. Please!