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I have begun the arduous task of manually putting back all my archives that I lost in The Great Earthlink Goat Rodeo of 2005. The blog meltdown that I experienced occurred at the height of my work on my Master's thesis (which, ironically enough was about blogging) so I just did what I needed to do to get the blog back up and running and made sure there were a few links that worked.

Hopefully this month I'll get all the archives back and get all the links working and templates in place.

On the knitting front, I have actually been pretty productive as I crank out Dulaan items. It has been all-hats-all-the-time for a while but I think I need to branch out a bit. Get a few sweaters done and I'm thinking one of those spiffy hat/scarf combos is in order.

I was on an organization bender this weekend and I'm actually horrified at the amount of extraneous yarn I have hanging about. So I'd like to throw out an idea to you. I'll put together little Dulaan kits. Yarn and patterns for hats and scarf/hats and send them, free of charge, to anyone that wants them. You will be responsible for knitting them and sending them into F.I.R.E. 

Does this sound interesting to anyone? Would you like to make them mystery packages or do you want to see the kits ahead of time? We can do both if it tickles your fancy. I'll put together some kits tomorrow and photograph them so, at the very least, you can get an idea of the fiber-fun I have put together.

Knit on!


A mystery package could be fun! And here I've just gotten a job which allows knitting in fits and starts...

Can I make things knowing only two stitches? I have not endurance.