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Embossing leaves for Grandma

Well, we can all breath a little easier now. I have finally finished a pair of socks for Grandma. She has been begging me and begging me for another pair. She is 88 and a knitter herself. I'm a horrible grand-daughter for not making 15 pairs for her.

Self recrimination out of the way, here is a picture of the socks almost finished. I have finished them since I took this picture and I'll get a pic of Grandma modeling them when I give them to her for Mother's Day.

embossed leaves socks

The lace pattern is hard to photograph but I put a tube of hair product down one and a tin of bath salts down the other. The one on top is probably how it will look on a leg but the one on bottom at least provided some contrast with the yarn so you can see the pattern a little.

The yarn is Lorna's Laces in Aslan. Which is even more appropriate for Grandma since she has always been a huge fan of C.S. Lewis and asked me to take her to the "Chronicles of Narnia." I actually got the yarn about two or three years ago and have tried it out on several different projects before I finally settled on this one.

The pattern is from the winter InterWeave Knits. Embossed Leaves Socks. It was a lot of fun to do and quite easy even if I did have to do some adjusting for two circular needles and I had to do some creative adjustments to bring down the size. The pattern is for a woman's medium but Grandma has wee feet so I left the leg as a medium to prevent binding on her older legs and I did some decreases after the gusset and then buried some more in the lace pattern. I think it worked but we still have to do the Cinderella test.


Gorgeous! I'm glad you posted them.

OK, I'm cool on the leaves for Grandma. What else is going on?