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Zoom zoom

Look how cute the sweater turned out! I found the cutest little car buttons that matched the color of the yarn perfectly. The yarn isn't a simple light blue. There is a hint of teal (or is it gray) to it that makes it pretty but makes it just off enough that blue and light blue buttons looked wrong.

raglan with buttons

Enter, the perfectly colored teal and purple buttons. Look how the polka dots on the car match the sweater perfectly! Don't you just love serendipity?

car button

This finally goes out Friday and then I only have one last project to finish before my Olympic knitting is finally done. We had 36 days...right?

We had kind of freaky weather today which resulted in snow so I'm hoping that justifies sending the nephew a wool sweater in March.


that is fantastic!!!! tooo cute! :D


Cute! I just finished the sweater out of that candy-striped yarn. (The one that you traded two sock yarns for.) Be aware that if you go with the pattern I photocopied for you, there won't be enough for the hood. So think of something original for finishing it... Amy

Darling sweater and the buttons are the cutest!