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What kind of comfort food do you like?

Has anyone else seen the Milky Way commercial?

It is really disturbing. I couldn't figure out why it bothered me so much and then I realized, I think there is some creepy psycho-sexual stuff going on there! We open with a sexually frustrated guy. Then he decides to console himself. This is done by a bubble-headed, over-sexed girl/woman (baby talk, pet names, big hair and clevage). She consoles him with lame, over the top compliments which makes him feel better. When he is satisfied, he consumes her.


I did a quicky search on the web and found there are a lot of people who have problems with this ad. Most of what I'm reading are valid criticisms. For example, this commercial advocates turning to food for comfort. Maybe not serious but still true. Another crit I read out there was the message that if you leave your fella frustrated he will go elsewhere for that comfort. Probably not MY first concern with a guy. If that was all he thought I could offer then I'm OK with him going elsewhere. Regardless, the consistent message I'm hearing is that this commercial doesn't sell candy.

So I'm wondering how this commercial ever got green lighted at the agency and Milky Way and why it is still running. At the very least, it is icky.