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Olympic progress

According to the countdown clock I should be nearly 40% done. I wouldn't exactly say I'm there. I did finish the wrap sweater but instead of going to the intended baby it became a last-minute shower gift for a gal that works in my Grandma's retirement home. Poor kid's husband emptied their bank account, cleaned out the apartment and stole her car leaving her pregnant! What a guy.

The little ladies at the retirement home got together to pool some money and gifts and threw her a shower. I finished up the sweater, made some cleaver baby booties and gave them to Grandma.

I used the booties as an excuse to indulge in some loverly angora. It had to be pretty loverly since I'm allergic to angora. But I suffered through it and had a lot of fun with the pattern. These were the baby booties from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

This probably isn't news to anyone else but I learned a clever new trick. The pattern starts out having me knit a stitch and slip a stitch all the way across. I didn't see anything special in this. I had what looked like a regular little piece of garter stitched square.

double knitting

Then they had me put the knitted stitches on one needle and the slipped stitches on another needle.

split up stitches

And by golly, when you do that the knitting opens up! And inside is the stockinette stitch piece.


It is magic!

OK, that still entertains me to no end.

So yes, I veered off a bit from the plan. But I'm back on track again. Well, we won't mention the felted fish distraction from last night. I swear, I'm back on my Olympic knitting.

Nature is giving me a little helping hand. After something like 34 days of rain straight we had almost a week of sun and lovely weather. Everything began to bud and I even had daffodils open on my front step.

Yesterday while I was walking the dogs in the morning I couldn't figure out how so much lint got on my sweater. See, I get up really early so it was mostly dark while we were walking and I live in a rural area with no street lights so it came as a bit of a surprise when I tried to pick the lint off my sweater and discovered it was snow!

front porch

The horses didn't seem to mind.

snow in the horse field

And it looked like it wanted to accumulate. But it was gone by the time I got home from work.

snow on the back porch

Speaking of work. I start the new job Tuesday and move this weekend. That may impact the Olympic knitting...


Hey Laurie! You are a kind and generous woman! What a story -

Those baby booties never cease to amaze me - a lady in our KIP group showed us *the Magic* of the toe right after the split and then we all had to stick our finger in it to be sure - WEIRD - but really fun - the bootie was made out of angora...

Good Luck on your Olympic Knitting :)