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Knitting Olympic project up in flames?

Well, in 15 minutes the Knitting Olympics officially start for me. Of course, I'm here at work and can't really drop everything to pick up the needles but as I go into a meeting I'll be thinking of knitting.

Does that count?

Actually, I feel like a bit of a flake because I had originally signed up to make the Peacock Feathers shawl. A kit I bought a few years ago and look longingly at often because I really really want the final product. It will be a technical stretch for me and absolutely a stretch to find the time to do.

But then I started to feel guilty about knitting this for me when I have had a special request from my stepfather's mom for a shawl. She often wears one because she gets cold in restaurants. Since she needs one for warmth I thought I should switch my project to this beautiful Victorian one Elann offers for free.

Isn't it gorgeous? And since she actually requested it I really feel like I need to get going on it for her.

Then I realized that there was no way I was going to finish my birthday knitting duties by torch-lighting time. No. Way.

I have to:

1. make the embossed leaves socks for the Grandmother (who has literally begged me for another pair of socks, wears the one pair I made for her constantly and just had a mastectomy. I'm heartless for not sitting down immediately and showering her with wooly love),

2. finish a sweater for my nephew (requested by his mother),

3. finish the sweater for my nephew's cousin (who was born in December and has yet to receive any wooly tribute from me!),

4. finish the ballet wrap sweater for my Aunt (who lives in England and I just don't get to see enough).

One, two and four are all February birthdays. The 16th, 17th and 27th. So I think out of necessity I have to change my Knitting Olympics project to completing the above projects within the timeline. I know, technically we aren't supposed to have our project started but I just can't get out of these familial obligations.

So I'm looking at it like I've been called to run in the marathon category out of necessity. I think I'm making up for all the rule breaking I'm doing with the shear volume I have to complete.

I do vow to show discipline and only knit on the above projects until they are DONE!