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Don't bug me, I'm knitting

With school being done I should have lots of time to do things like write on the blog. In fact, I should be better about writing on the blog since I do this as a writing exercise first and a way to keep my knitting on track second.

But I'm lazy.

I'm really really lazy and I look at the laptop from the couch and think, "I really don't want to get sucked into sitting there for three and four hours when I don't have to."

So I'm actually blogging less because I'm knitting more.

Do I have proof? No. That would involve getting up from the couch, getting the camera and sitting at that laptop for a while and I have explained that I'm avoiding that.

I am, however, participating in the Olympics this year. OK, maybe it isn't your fancy-shmancy Olympics they show on TV and give fancy-shmancy medals for but I am striving for greatness and reaching WAY beyond my capabilities. I'll write more later about my project but in the meantime I'm in training.

I just have to figure out what training for the Olympics would actually involve. Squeeze balls? Yoga? Piano scales?

Here, let me distract you with unbelievable cuteness. This is the sweater I knit for my nephew sometime last year. It was quite large and I was fairly sure he would swim in it. But it turns out he is kind of a freak. At 9 months he was 33 inches high and 25 pounds. So it is kind of fitting like a muscle shirt. Actually, the look with the camo pants is perfect. My nephew the PWT. And look how happy he is with his beer-guzzling, monster-truck-rally attending, carbarator-in-the-living-room look!

pwt sweater

Is he not the most kissable little guy you have ever seen (with his Auntie's dimples)?