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Courage and sloth

I achieved a new knitting high recently. I didn't share it because it was in the midst of finishing up my master's degree and getting ready for the holidays.

I was knitting up one of my favorite baby wrap sweaters (I've made about three of these) and had even gotten so far as to sew the pieces together, pick up the edge and neck and knit those. When I went to photograph the sweater I discovered a problem.

In checking the pattern I found I had the front at the right length and the back was too long (in case you are curious, there is a bit of difference between 4 cm and 4 in). There was no way I was going to take apart the pieces, rip out the trim and then rip down to the bottom of the back. So I gritted my teeth and went where few knitters have gone before.

I picked up a row of stitches a bit above where the seed stitch trim was supposed to start and then I cut off the extra.

cut off piece

Yep, I took scissors to my knitting and whacked it off! Note loops cut right in half! Go on, look and be horrified and yet impressed at my audacity.

I then carefully ripped up to the row where my needle was and simply started knitting "down" to the seed stitch trim and put it in the correct place.

It worked awesome! I didn't refer to any of my reference books. I just held my breath and did it. You can't even tell where I picked up. You may think you see a line but I assure you, those are regular wonky stitches.


This would be the time I call for Chariots of Fire theme song in the background as I hold my knitting triumphantly over my head except for the fact that when I was finished "fixing" my error I had this:

wide load

Great googly-moogly, if this baby is twice as wide as it is long then I have knit the perfect sweater!

This is the point where I decide to check my gauge. Now in all fairness, I have knit this sweater three times before in yarn that is almost identical. Same manufacturer, same size needles called for, etc. But for some reason, on this project, my gauge was completely off. You are looking at the worlds most complicated swatch.

Epilogue: Our perp reknit all the pieces with a smaller needle getting perfect gauge and perfectly sized pieces. She swears she will block them and sew them together this weekend so that she can get this to the intended baby before he is forced to pass it on to his own baby.

She has not learned her lesson about swatching. She is the worst kind of repeat offender and we don't think she should even blog about this since it glorifies her stupidity. But if we can save one person from sweater rehab then it is all worth it.