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I have a master's now but obviously not in knitting

I survived. There was some question at one point but I'm here to tell you, you can earn your master's and live to tell about it.

There were some dicey moments on the day of my delivery, such as when I was copying the final thesis onto my jump drive as a backup and the laptop died. Completely died. There was some talk of rebuilding my hard drive. And this is three hours before I have to hand in and present the darn thing. But I assure you...I didn't say darn.

Somehow I managed to print out a recent version of the thesis to hand in, shake off the whole thing for my presentation and then spent the rest of the night on the phone with tech support. We retrieved the thesis and I was able to email it in to my readers early the next morning.

It took a few years off my life. I did capture one of the moments. While on the phone with tech support. This was my life last Thursday:

grad school desk

Note the dead plant, piles of paper and scary screen message.


I may not have completely shaken off the trauma as I spent the weekend knitting baby clothes (I am three babies behind!) I managed to whip out a blue wrap cardigan and while that was blocking I started a white cardi and some merino baby slippers.

baby stuff

I had the blue wrap cardigan sewn together AND knit around the collar before I noticed it wasn't quite right. Can anyone else see something wrong with this picture?

blue wrap cardi

Ugh. Baby halter top?