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There is still knitting going on

Thursday is D-Day. I'm working like crazy on my thesis and I'm making progress which is why I'm allowing myself this one little post.

I have been knitting a lot actually. Thank gawd for the knitting. If I didn't have that outlet for relaxing I might have imploded a few weeks ago.

This was my favorite project I finished recently. My step-mother had surgery and I thought she needed a cozy shawl to wrap up in while she is healing.

Hug shawl

I made it in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in a lovely dark teal. Teal is supposed to represent health. Plus the Alpaca Silk gave the shawl some weight so it is like I knit a hug.

The pattern is from Sally Mellville's The Purl Stitch. I was pouring over all my books and magazines but, there it was all along, in my favorite reference book. Why don't I do more out of her books? Everytime I make something it ends up being my favorite projects to make and use.

I have to call attention to my kick-ass corners. These are a technical advancement for me and I totally nailed them. The edge was way fun too. I got sick of turning the whole shawl around after knitting six stitches so I practiced my backwards knitting.

shawl edge

And then, just because there has been a shocking lack of hound pictures. Argus and Sapphire got treats today and Argus was so excited with his that he forgot to put his fanny down. He ate his treat like this the whole time.

Argus' fanny

Not too bad for an old boy of 11!


Hi There,

How's it going? I miss reading your observations on wools, puppies and life!