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My eyes! My eyes!

Up until recently, I only wore glasses for detail work. It started when I would do typography for graphic design classes but then evolved into boring stuff like teeny tiny spreadsheets.

The last time I went to the eye doc he told me to wear my glasses all the time. My eyes need to get used to them he said. (And yes, when I wear them I don't have to move things away from my face to see them.)

I am absolutely shocked by the shrapnel I find on my glasses when I take them off. I find chunks of food and great gobs of soup after I eat. People have reassured me that I eat pretty normally. I'm not the human equivalent of the cookie monster.

So now I'm convinced that my eyes have gotten worse because of the debris that goes in them, not from age.

I'll bet you find if we all wore safety glasses there would be far fewer of us needing prescription glasses eventually.