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I'm back baby

Hooray I'm back! Some may have noticed major breakage going on. Earthlink, bless their hearts, changed some paths so that everything started breaking. They then refused to help at all with information as to the new paths so I had to move to a new host and have been mired in a mess since. But we are technically back and I'll get around to the look soon. Well, sorta soon. I'm in Arizona for my brother's wedding. So I should prioritize. (but I'm dying to get this back up and going).


Oh, so you are still out there. I hope all is well.

Hello! We were getting something really weird when checking up on you!


Honestly, I've been checking everyday, everyday to see it you were up and running. Then I had this whole work thing and I stopped checking last week, honestly!

Well, what's important is that you are back, up, and online.

So, what's up?