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Last semester crunch

These next three months are going to be nuts for me. This is my last semester in school. I graduate in December and you all have to call me Master. OK, that isn't necessarily true but it should be. We have to call PhDs doctor, how is it that we don't have to call folks with masters Master?

Anyway, I'm totally going through the hooding ceremony (for some strange reason PSU doesn't have a graduation ceremony in December so I don't walk until June).

So who knows how much knitting I will get done. Then again, the stress and work my drive me to knitting. Likely insane knitting projects. That is OK. I'm OK with being a little insane now and then.

Knitting currently is limited to baby stuff again. My best friend just gave birth to her long hoped-for and anticipated first child. He needs many knitted goodies so I'm trying to finish them up. Pictures this weekend.


Whew! I finally found your blog and you disappeared on me! Kinda hard to stalk you that way. Awfully glad to see you back. :)