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October 26, 2005

It is a good thing I'm not knitting for Christmas

I've been making a lot of baby stuff and neglecting Christmas knitting. But I kind of decided not to do a lot of Christmas knitting anymore last year. Some of my family members don't appreciate the knitted stuff too much. Still stuck in that, "why did you make me socks, I can buy them at Target?" kind of mindset. That and I think some of them may think it is my way of saving money so the gift is actually my way of being cheap.

If they only knew.

But how could they possible know? These family members haven't been hauled off to yarn stores and seen the cost of yarns and especially the yarn I tend to buy.

Must. have. cashmere. alpaca. merino. blend!

I know some people just aren't aware of the expense and love that goes into making a gift so I'm not going to worry about it. I just focus on knitting for those that do appreciate what goes into this work and give the others something they will like.

Hey, more knitted stuff for me.

Anyway, so I'm getting a little bundle off today to a baby. I like to send more than this. A little kimono sweater and a pumpkin hat. The kimono sweater is a Debbie Bliss pattern I love done out of Cashmerino Aran. Heavenly fabric. The pumpkin hat is a pattern I found free online and done out of Cascade 220.

kimono sweater

pumpkin hat

I did trim the ribbon on the kimono sweater and I wish I had stretched out the pumpkin hat a little so you could see the purl lines running down and making it look more pumpkiny.

I'm did a baby blanket. Just a simple diagonal done in LB Homespun but I just hated the border. In fact I ripped out and re-did the border twice and still hate it. So I pulled some fun colored wool and mohair out of the stash and I'm making the Big Bad Baby Blanket out of Stitch & Bitch. I like this one. It will be a keeper and get sent off to this baby soon I hope. I just have to get that pumpkin hat off NOW!

Then I have two other babies coming in the first couple of weeks of December so they need goodies. And these are both the second child so I feel bad not making anything for the first child (more dinosaurs maybe?)

Maybe I can get to what little Christmas knitting I have in February?

October 23, 2005

Diva dogs like toiletries

My Aunt and Uncle, who live in England, came to my brother's wedding and very thoughtfully brought little gifts. Just little tokens.

I was lucky enough to get a nummy magnolia lotion from one of my favorite stores, Marks & Spencer. Kind of an English Target. But it has a longer, slightly grander history.

When I came home I was so shell shocked from all the activities and travel and looming master's thesis that I didn't really unpack. All right, I never really unpack. I sort of live out of the suitcase until it is empty and then I put it away.

I had that lovely lotion in my bag in a little pocket. The bag was on the bed and as I left one day for work and looked at Sapphire laying on my bed about 10 inches away from that lotion I wondered.

"Nah" I thought. It isn't furry or squeeky or interesting to her. Plus it is in that little pocket so she isn't able to get to it.

Duh. I came home that day and Sapphire had not only gotten the lotion out of that pocket and carried it a full three feet onto the other side of the bed, but opened the box to see what her Aunt from England had given her. I know she was simply opening the box and not being destructive because the lotion is untouched and undamaged. It was also about a foot away from the box so I know Sapphire carried it away to cherish and wonder over her loverly gift.

She doesn't open boxes neatly

but her lotion bottle is in perfect condition

She sent out her thank you card yesterday.

October 12, 2005

Last semester crunch

These next three months are going to be nuts for me. This is my last semester in school. I graduate in December and you all have to call me Master. OK, that isn't necessarily true but it should be. We have to call PhDs doctor, how is it that we don't have to call folks with masters Master?

Anyway, I'm totally going through the hooding ceremony (for some strange reason PSU doesn't have a graduation ceremony in December so I don't walk until June).

So who knows how much knitting I will get done. Then again, the stress and work my drive me to knitting. Likely insane knitting projects. That is OK. I'm OK with being a little insane now and then.

Knitting currently is limited to baby stuff again. My best friend just gave birth to her long hoped-for and anticipated first child. He needs many knitted goodies so I'm trying to finish them up. Pictures this weekend.

October 05, 2005

I'm back baby

Hooray I'm back! Some may have noticed major breakage going on. Earthlink, bless their hearts, changed some paths so that everything started breaking. They then refused to help at all with information as to the new paths so I had to move to a new host and have been mired in a mess since. But we are technically back and I'll get around to the look soon. Well, sorta soon. I'm in Arizona for my brother's wedding. So I should prioritize. (but I'm dying to get this back up and going).