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August 19, 2005

By the skin of my teeth

Just missed having to get bifocals today. That would have been a
little traumatic as I'm teetering on 40 and am having to face up to
a bunch of other reminders that I'm not a "young woman" anymore.

The eye doc dilated my eyes but told me I would be
all right to drive. "Just don't get pulled over" he joked. Well,
on the way back to work I realized that I passed a sheriff's
deputy a might faster than I probably should have.

He pulls out to drive behind me and I'm thinking,
"Oh great, will he buy it if I tell him that pulling me over is
against doctor's orders?" I tried to read the speed limit sign so
that I could make sure I'm legal. I can't tell if it says 25 or 35.
I did 30 hoping that would cover both bases.

He is still behind me.

I know I have to turn right at one of the streets
coming up but I can't read the street sign. So I cross my fingers
and turn.

He turns with me.

I still can't read the street signs but I turn again
on what I think is the correct street back to work. I'm fairly
certain he is going to pull me over now because it looks like I'm
trying to shake him.

But he didn't.

I turned and he kept going and I breathed a sigh of

August 08, 2005

Freaks of nature

A friend at work was telling me about this hike she took and the
crazy deer she had to look out for. It seems that these deer aren't
given a salt lick so the result is that they are driven to lick
hikers for the sweat.

Yes, my friend was warned about the licking deer.

She thought this was a pretty silly warning until
later in the day when she hung her sports bra up to dry because she
had gotten really sweaty. A deer came charging out of the trees
behind her and ran over to the sports bra to start licking it.

I've been looking online for information on this
everywhere but typing in "deer licking sweat" brings up primarily
naughty sites. I did finally find

this picture
but I don't think the guy that posted it knows the
significance of the licking deer.

At home I am surrounded with less bizarre and less
appealing critters in my opinion. The spiders are taking over!

I was not able to capture a good shot of these (darn
automatic focus cameras insist on focusing on the background) but
there is a spider city of sorts in the field.

spider city

You can see something that looks like strings
hanging from the branches here. These were great big webs. At least
eight of them that stretched from the trees to the ground at a
height of about eight feet. Were they trying to catch one of the

If you doubt my theory look at this ambitious
fellow. I circled his web in the picture because I had to stand back
so you could see where he had strung his web. He put his across the
entire road about seven feet in the air. The road must be 10 feet
wide. Is he looking for an SUV? Or does he have his sights set on an
NBA star?

road spider

Just in case you wanted to see the megalomaniacal
spider up close. Here he is up close.

spider that wants to take over the world