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March 08, 2005

How to work on an assignment without really trying

Simple, don't do it. Work on anything except the assignment. Work on your blog...

The more and more I think about working at the yarn shop the happier I am with that decision. Aside from doing something I love and loving what I do (which happens to be the motto of the yarn store) I'm a big believer in following the bread crumbs when they are laid out before you like this. When things are too easy you are supposed to go with the flow.

There is some discussion on other blogs today about variegated yarns and how they entertain us when we knit. This is just so true for me. Yarn has to sing and dance to hold my attention long enough for me to finish something. I refer to it as Knitting ADD. And I'm not trying to make fun of ADD or be patronizing. I really can't focus on what I'm knitting on if I don't have colors, textures, and even sizes changing. And I have to work on multiple projects at one time.

The variegated yarns hypnotize me as I watch the green loop pull through the purple loop and the fat fuzzy part of the yarn pooch out of a skinny, string like size part. The Melange yarn I'm knitting Hazy Cables with right now has a strand of silky boucle in it. It is variegated from ivory to a dark champagne color. And that is the strand I focus on. Who needs to meditate when you can watch a little string change colors!

I'm in the horrifying position today of being two projects less. I got some fun yarn that variegates from furry to not furry and I was going to do socks with these but there is no stretch to the yarn so I don't think it would make good socks. I guess I'll have to do a scarf or something.

Gedifra yarn

I also think that I should save money from my new job for a new digital camera, what do you think?