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April 02, 2004

I Have No Self Control

Which I'm sure comes as a shocker. Rather than beat myself up for it I think I'll just rationalize. Some of the more disciplined knitters designated certain nights of the week to work on UFOs and others have a rule that they can't start a new project while working on another. (insert raspberry noise here)

Last night was Thursday and I designated it "Knit Whatever the Hell I Want" night. And since I always follow through with things, I knit whatever the hell I wanted. I cast on for Sonnet.

Sonnet cast on

I ordered this fabulous cotton from elann.com and was planning and agonizing about what I wanted to do with it. It is the loveliest colorway of cream, champagne, brown, grey and sage green. I'm like a miser with new yarn, I just fondle it, look at it and never spend it. Well, this time I did! I printed out the pattern for Sonnet some time ago thinking it would be cute for my Aunt, then I thought about it for my Mom.

Last night I decided it should be for me! And wouldn't it make a great beach sweater? The colors are perfect. This yarn is Sonata, Endless Summer Collection (hey, I can take a hint, the word summer is even in the name!). It is exclusive to elann. 100% mercerized cotton so it has a nice sheen to it and isn't sticky like my cotton yarn I use for dishcloths.

It doesn't have the give wool has but that just means my chest muscles are sore this morning. SEE? Isn't it the perfect summer sweater? It is even giving me a workout! I love it already.

We leave you with the obligatory cute-dog picture. This is Kayla. Hopefully Mom is checking in with the blog once in a while so she can see her fur-girl.