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Watch Out I'm Getting Personal

Multnomah County in Oregon has begun issuing marriage licenses for same-sex marriages. I'd put a link to the news story here but it would break in a few weeks so you can just to to OregonLive.com and do a search for the story.

I don't know the mechanics of how it was done. There is some debate on the city council making decisions in secret. Whatever. I'm so proud of Oregon government for doing this! YEAH! It is about time!! I just don't understand the ferocity behind opposing this. People seem to honestly believe that this will destroy the sanctity of marriage. If they want to ban same-sex marriages on that basis, then they had better ban adultery. And they won't do that because we know how "busy" those politicians are! Yeah, power is an aphrodisiac, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bollocks!

And wouldn't prenuptial agreements also fall under this umbrella? Did anyone picket Donald Trump when he did his shitty little move with Marla (not that what he did to Ivana was any less shitty) divorcing her just before a deadline that would mean she got big bucks from him? What about Mick Jagger? His "ah ha! I didn't file the paperwork you aren't really my wife!" trick was quite a testament to marriage! Yeah, a gay couple is going to bring down the institution.

I know people believe it is a mortal sin. And I totally accept their belief (I don't agree with it, but that is beside the point). But then why picket and scream horrible things at another human being. If it is a mortal sin, then the person committing the sin will be the one to pay. It is The Higher Being's job to judge, not ours.

*sigh* I'm just so happy for these folks who have been in loving, committed relationships, raising children, and contributing to our community. They deserve the same legal protections in our society. Actually, they deserve more. They deserve to have their unions celebrated also.

It was so sweet to see all those couples lined up outside the courthouse waiting for it to open so they can get their licenses (over 400 couples showed up). All they want is to get married. That just shouldn't be denied.