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The Planets are Aligned Once Again

I have more than one project I like again. Ahhhhh. I feel much better. I found an excuse to pick up a skein of yarn I have been coveting. Rowan Chunky Print in Pebble Dash. My fingers get so cold, especially sitting at the computer. Even in the summer (bad circulation I guess) so I decided I needed some fingerless gloves or wrist warmers. It doesn't seem like they would work but down vests work, right? So I found a Rowan pattern I have always loved and am whipping up my Crumbles (wrist warmers).

I love the color way of this yarn so much I'm pretty sure I'm going to succumb, sell the family farm, and get a tonage of it to make a bulky, loose, ribbed sweater for me that I have been wanting.

Chunky Print Pebble Dash

Pebble Dash

Delicious browns, tans, creams, greys, and blue greys. Pebble Dash is a good name. I have a thing for rocks so no wonder I'm attracted to it! And I absolutely adore yarn that varies in size. I love texture so much and stuff like this makes me happy!

Stitch n' Bitch was good. It always is. It was the one year anniversary of my LYS. So there was champagne and cake and I was good and had none. I just had a little herb tea. No sugar or white flour for me. Towards the end, Lisa, the owner of my LYS opened her doors to us stitch n' bitchers for a little sale. Thus helping me rationalize my impulse buy. I also got some more sock yarn because there were a couple colors I couldn't live without. My life is in danger of ending because of beautiful yarn quite often I'm afraid.

Our Stitch n' Bitch was held at Urban Eccentrics which is a very cool thrift shop and they were quite gracious in having us there. I wish they had a website for me to link to but I highly recommend a perusal if you are ever in downtown Vancouver, Washington.