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St. Patrick's Day Knitting

Full day today with seeing off all my house guests and then attending a conference most of the day. But right after the conference I'm heading over to Fireside Coffee for a Knitting MeetUp. I don't know anyone but it should still be fun because knitty people are fun people.

Here is the yarn I got at Unraveled Yarns yesterday.

Argus and balls of Cascade

As you can see, my dog Argus is a yarn fan and wanted to check out what I got for my latest project. He never judges me for buying more yarn. Unlike my Mom who took one look at my big Space Saver bags and tried to tell me I can't buy anymore yarn. I noticed she forgot she said that when I was buying this yarn and included a couple cute novelty yarns for her own bag!

And that is what this Cascade yarn is for. I'm knitting up the Suki bag finally. I got this free pattern from Knitty, a phenomenal site with articles, patterns, etc. It is a "must bookmark" for knitters of any level.

This bag is going to be my beach bag for this summer. Hence the blues. I do still want either a fuzzy light blue (not furry) or a cream or white. I'm sure I have something in my stash I can dig out. I just had an image of myself going back and forth to the yarn store at the beach with my great felted beach knitting bag with little zips of color in all the beautiful blues.