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I decided I keep track of what I'm doing enough around here I don't need to do it in the blog also. So that little feature is GONE! Just move the eyeballs to the left to see what are on the needles.

I couldn't resist the pansies and primrose today at our local BiMart. 88 cents! I am proud I managed to not fill the cart. I just filled the seat part. So I enjoyed the rare, beautiful NW sunshine and did a bit o' gardening. Got the nails dirty, prettified the front step, managed to get out of my "I'm-not-working-I'm-a-loser" funk for a little while.

I was having a little bit of a Viggo craving yesterday. Viggo is an interesting character. He isn't actually my type usually. He is too good looking and I like a bigger nose on a man's face. Anchors it, gives it character, yadda yadda. But any man who is so open to artistic endeavors without the pretension and says his teenage son is his best friend has peaked my interest.

Now if he just did something in drag I would put him on my "future husband" list. There is something so sexy about a man confident enough in his masculinity to dress in drag...

Anyway, so I was craving a little Viggo and I rented some movies he did a while back. Daylight and Prophecy. Let me save you the time. Not good. Not good at all. I almost feel like Viggo owes me one for watching them. He was good in them. He really was. But the writers for those films need to do some hard time.

Today, we are saluting great cameo appearances. Especially the ones where the actors play themselves. I saw the Will & Grace that Kevin Bacon was on the other day. He was SO funny! He did the Footloose dance. One of the better episodes in my opinion! And how about the Seinfeld that Raquel Welch did? Where she beat up Kramer and Elaine in separate fights? Another beauty. And Ron Howard's in the Simpsons. Heck, any star appearance in the Simpsons is good stuff. They are satirized really well.

Hats off you guys! I respect you a heck of a lot more when you roast yourself so well. You have more credibility in my opinion.