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Living in the Country

I swallowed a bug yesterday. I opened my mouth, inhaled, and saw the little sucker go in. I tried to be cool and not gag and hurl in an over reaction. Best I managed was some coughing that covered some of the gagging.

I like living out in the country for the most part. Especially now with spring making little leaves and buds appear everywhere.

New Leaves

We have moles too. I can't help but think of Moley in Wind in the Willows but I don't think my neighbors would agree. Ever seen what a mole does to your yard?

Mole holes

They aren't so much holes as a running mound with little spurts of dirt mounds. They make the ground very soft and squishy. I'm afraid to step on these mounds because I'm afraid the mole is in the dirt underneath and I'll squish him in a horrible death!

The mole isn't in our yard too much anymore. Maybe because dogs and I are there a lot. But he sure had fun in our next door neighbor's yard!

We saw the mole once. The dogs and I were outside for a walk and he popped out of one of his mounds right in front of us! He seemed to know he was in trouble right away. Smelled the dogs or something I am sure. But instead of making a great escape, he ran right towards the dogs! So they weren't exaggerating when we were told moles are blind! My dogs were too surprised to do anything and I started whooping and hollering and pulling the dogs away. I didn't want the mole to get hurt and I didn't want the dogs to muck with anything.

So I guess I'm actually responsible for the mole work in my neighbor's yard?