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I May Be Stuck in a Rut

I have suspected for some time now that I was in a specific color phase. You know when you are attracted to the same color over and over? Bonne Marie of the fabulous Chicknits complained that she was stuck in Shrekville because she wanted to do everything in a bright pistachio. Now she is going pink.

I am currently going through a brown/blue phase. Note the Pebble Dash I gushed over yesterday. My first socks I did in a brown and blue stripe that I just love and wear all the time. And this came today:

Cotton yarn and pattern

I'm a little frightened that I forget I order things online almost right away. On one hand it is fun because it is like Christmas and I know I'll like the gift! On the other hand, I'm too young to forget like that! I got this beautiful mercerized cotton from elann.com along with a great cable pattern. Dancing Vines. Can you see what color the yarn is? Yep, brown and blue...

But look how pretty the sweater is! I hope the variegated yarn doesn't interfere with the cable pattern. If it does I can use it to make the basic ribbed pull over I have been wanting, talking about, and not knitting. You experts out there, can you do a cable sweater with a variegated yarn?

Dancing Vines sweater