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Horses and Being a Good Doobie

It was a bit of a hellish weekend as I had to put everything else aside and finished a paper for a graduate class I was taking. But yea yea yea, I'm done and initial reaction from the instructor is that it looks good.

Now I have more freedom to work on the knitting! I'm a good doobie because instead of casting on a new project I pulled this out of the bag where it was in danger of becoming a UFO.

Berroco Optik scarf

This is a Berroco Optika yarn that is heavenly and I'm finishing up The Shaply Scarf out of The Knit Stitch. This pattern seemed better with this yarn because it just looks a little dressier. It is a scarf as an accessory to an outfit rather than to keep me warm. It is stratight garter stitch but the yarn is a twist of sparkly cord, shiny boucle, and a soft homespun. This slows me down a bit because I can easily split the twist.

And I got yarn for another project today, I'll post pictures tomorrow. It feels so much better to have more than a few things going. I don't know how other people do it when they are disciplined enough to work on one project at a time! Crazy people!

I have to include a quick little bit about the horses. These horses belong to my neighbor but the field is right out front from my house. And the horses visit me a lot as I'm an excellent source of carrots and apples. Here is the view from my front door. You can't see it in the picture but there is a fence there.

Telina and Marika at fence

That is Telina on the left and Marika on the right. And this is Marika shaking me down for treats.

Marika's nose