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I'm a hedonist. A full-blown, card-carrying hedonist. Of course, my idea of hedonistic activities include ignoring the tax worksheet I have to finish before Monday's appointment with the accountant, turning a blind eye to the dirty dishes in the sink and the filthy floor, and sitting down with my knitting to watch four successive episodes of Upstairs Downstairs. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are too much work for a true hedonist.

I had about 4 inches of the Suki bag done when I realized in my sleep (swear to God) that I had forgotten to finish the increases in round two. I did one, put the knitting down to walk the dogs and never did another increase. So now I have to rip everything out (might as well start over). That bums me out a little so hence the movie-fest.

I also want to tackle my Hazy Cable sweater again but in looking at the back I can't help thinking it is going to be a little snug. Bummer. That has kept me from picking it back up. I will probably order more yarn so I can make the next size up so this project gets put on the back burner.

So I'm breaking out a kit I ordered on impulse and is filling up one of those Space Saver bags that horrified my Mom. It is a Herrschners kit I bought on impulse. It was the right price to rationalize a large yarn purchase and I really want a knock-around, washable, long cardigan like this. Especially at the beach where even in the summer you need something in the evenings and early morning. I also like the color of this and thought (big surprise) that it would be cute with jeans.

The kit was on close-out I think because I can't find a picture of it online anymore. The yarn is Bernat Soft Boucle in a navy with hints of a dark colonial blue. Here is my usual pixilated picture.

Bernat yarn and pattern

I'm not going to declare it officially On The Needles until I've tried it out a little.