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Dogs and Felt Mania

I've been hanging out at the beach with Mom. But I managed to finish the Suki bag. The colors just turned out so beautiful and I really enjoyed knitting it up because I did the stripes however the spirit moved me at the moment. I have a picture of what it looked like before I felted it but it is in Mom's digital camera and I don't know how to get it out.

I tried to use the CDC (crappy digital camera) but it just won't take pictures unless there is a ton of light and preferably natural light. So when I finished the bag last night and couldn't wait to felt it I tried with the CDC but just got black pictures.

Now on the subject of dogs. We are in a very small cottage (perfect for the beach) with five, count 'em five dogs. And big ones too! All the greyhounds are together. You should see the wrestling matches I have to get a spot on the couch. I've tried to explain to whatever hound I'm moving that I need the good lamp but they don't care...

It has been raining and hailing at the beach and my feet are cold. So I'm embarking on yet another felting project and making myself some clogs!