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Bugs and the Knitting Patch

As an update to the bug swallowing incident Friday, that same night I was in the kitchen pulling chicken out of the oven when the front door was opened briefly and a kamikaze moth came straight at my dish of chicken simmering in a lovely sauce.

You can guess the end. He dove in and expired in what must have been a mercifully quick death-by-boiling raspberry-chipotle-sauce. I scooped him out and served the chicken! Five second rule still applies...right?

I'm in a quagmire (or is it quandary?) about what to cast on next. True, I have several WIP but that's no fun! I have some great ideas for a felted purse. I need to spend a little time digging through my stash though to flesh out that design.

I for sure want to cast on another sock. Why not always have a sock project on the needles? They are so easy to knock out. But I'm torn between two choices. First is the beautiful Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in color #76 or "aslan."

Lorna's Laces Aslan yarn

Grandma wants a pair of these and who am I to make her wait? She wears the striped socks I made for her birthday even though they ended up a little wild for her style. These will stripe as they are the same yarn I used for my alien socks but the colorway is so neutral and soft I think it would just end up being really pretty.

The other choice is this glorious Opal Handpainted sock yarn. I was told it was new and I can't even find a color name or number on the label.

Opal Handpainted yarn

The CDC (crappy digital camera) doesn't do it justice. It is the most beautiful Autumn color palette. Not red at all but a rich rust and golden browns and purples. I can't even find another picture of it already up on a website to show you here so it must be fairly new. There is actually quite a bit of yarn here so I kind of wish I could think of something besides socks. Each ball has 425 meters but I'm not a small woman so there isn't enough to crank out a beautiful cardigan and I don't wear vests.

I'm working hard to get actual blog software running on this site rather than me and html so then I'll be able to ask for comments and votes on what I should do. For sure by next weekend.

Before I do anything I have to finish my graduate project today and then whip up a big anniversary dinner for my grandparents. That is why I need a knitting patch. Like the nicotine patch. I have to stop the cravings so I can get through non-knitting activities!