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Beating my Head Against the Wall

I have been wrestling with getting Movable Type running on this site so I'm not having to code all this HTML myself and it is just killing me! How have so many people managed to use it? It is not an easy install!!

So to break the tension with computer trials, I continue to knit. I finished up the Shapely Scarf (it is actually shaped weird but it drapes just right). Here is the lovely Sapphire modeling it for us this afternoon...

Sapphire modeling the Shapely Scarf

I forgot to talk about the Knitting Meet Up I was supposed to go to Wednesday night. That actually didn't work out. I drove all the way there (which was a hike, let me tell you!) and then when I finally found the coffee house there was no parking. Absolutely none! Six spaces in back which were full and construction and No Parking signs on all the side streets. It wasn't a nice enough neighborhood that I would park a few blocks away and walk. So after all that, I ended up just going home. Phooey! I'm not going to do that again!

My local LYS is having a Stitch n' Bitch tonight though so all is not lost. I think we are all working on a group project for a gift though so I probably won't get anything done on my projects. That is OK. I always end up having to rip out what I do at Stitch n' Bitches. I enjoy myself so much I just don't pay attention to the knitting!