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Assassin Bees

I almost finished one clog and I am starting the toe decreases on my Winter Eclipse socks so I don't have anything interesting to show or talk about.

But I went past one of my favorite restaurants in Seaside, OR this morning and it reminded me of the assassin bees so I thought I would share.

I was standing outside Corepeny's one afternoon talking to my Mom and this bee would not leave my foot alone. My right big toe to be exact. He kept flying around it trying to land on it. I moved my foot, waggled the toe, waved him away, shooed him off, and on and on. He just kept going for the same big toe. Finally, when I looked away for a second to respond to something Mom said, he managed to land on the big toe and stung me!

I don't know what was so enticing about my big toe. Was it so sweet smelling and looking that he was mistaking it for a lovely flower? Did I unknowingly step on his buddy and he was out for revenge? Was he just ticked that I took his place in line to go into the restaurant? I'll never know. I think he was hired by some vengeful, bully bug family that I ticked off and I was being made an example of. Anyone else on the sting list?