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Abusing Customers

I hate it when a company I have done business with takes the opportunity to pester me. That is apparently how they thank their customers, they come back at them for more. I bought something from a large, well-known company who sells steaks. They have a wonderful product, I have always been happy with the results and I consider it a special gift for special occasions when I go to them. This company has started calling me to sell me more.

I'm astounded that that is the way they thank me for my business. Now I have to have the awkward conversation of "I'm not interested in really good priced steaks right now, please take me off your call list." In actuality, I probably would be interested in well-priced steaks but I will never buy anything from a telemarketing call and I will never buy when I'm directly marketed to. The presumption offends me. It is not an opportunity for me. It is an opportunity for them.

The cable company is a good one for this! Buy one of their services and they will keep calling you to upgrade you. Even right after you get your new service installed. My mortgage company hammered me with junk mail about insurance. And who is it that sells the information that you are a new homeowner? Don't I get any say in living someplace for a little while before the calls and junk mail start up again right away? I get to give you my life savings, AND part of my paycheck for the next 30 years and you STILL are going to sell my information?

And how about when you do business with one company (lets say buy bulbs from a catalog) and now you are getting junk mail from many many gardening companies. Gee, I wonder who pimped my information around? It isn't enough that I gave them money they want to make more off of me. "Thanks for your business, we'll be abusing that privilege now." And the joke is, the latest junk mail I got was for environmentally-friendly equipment.

It has the distinct feeling of being screwed and not getting dinner.

I'm sorry David darling, you shouldn't be right under this rant.