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March 30, 2004

Too many socks, mock oranges and Grandpa

I'm just SOOO close to getting MovableType up and running on this site so if anyone is actually reading this and you see funky stuff over the next couple of days, please be patient, I am working my tushy off to figure this all out and get it up and running and looking like I want it to look.

First, if anyone is actually paying attention, I have removed the Hazy Cable sweater from the "On the needle" section on the left. Yes, I'll call it a UFO until I pick it back up. I had wanted to knit it in the round and I found a great book that I think will help me out with this. In the meantime I had a couple projects I had to finish so I've set it aside...for now.

I cast on Grandma's socks she has been wanting. She has worn the first pair I made for her for her birthday non-stop and they are kind of wild for her so I'm doing another pair for her that are more her style. She picked out the first yarn but I think the soft neutral colors of the Lorna's Laces aslan yarn will please her. I'm doing some cabling just for interest.

I also am casting on some socks that will be a gift. Since the yarn is pretty much solid, I'm going to try out the Blueberry Waffle pattern for interest. They look adorable.

I finished the Winter Eclipse socks finally! I don't go as fast on the socks when I'm not watching movies.

So that is the too many socks part of my title. Now the second part isn't me advocating poor treatment of oranges. It is about the Mock Orange trees growing around here. This beautiful tree is right off the back porch.

And across the river we are getting quite a show from either a huge tree or multiple trees. The CDC does not do it justice of course but any dear readers that would be reading this crazy blog of mine has a wonderful imagination and will be able to picture the lovely white blossom show.

And finally...my Grandpa. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I have a weird Grandpa. No matter what logic is placed to him, he still does some of his weird little things. One of the things he loves to do is take food out of the refrigerator and put it in a cooler on the deck. He is a little clueless when it comes to food spoilage but this doesn't stop him. He just LOVES to do this. I was out on the porch taking picture of the knitting and when I turned around I saw this:

There we go again. Everything was fine in the fridge but I left him alone for awhile and he started taking food out and putting it in the cooler (or in this case next to the cooler). It is about 54 degrees today so I don't know what it will do to the milk. I think he worries that I overload the fridge and that is why things freeze in the back but things freeze in the back because the refrigerator is over 40 years old. Ah well, the good side is he forgets what he puts out there and I can move it back or throw it away as I see fit.

Abusing the dogs

My dogs have it tough. They are so unfortunate I just have to shake my head. I'm working diligently at my desk and I turn around and see this:

That is Argus in the front and Kayla behind him. We are babysitting Kayla for a week. Note the dog bed on my bed, the purple snake dog toy and the chewie by Argus' head. Then the obligatory knitting magazine (Rowan #34 I just got in today's mail).

I guess it is kind of heavenly for me too.

Just one question, why do they always do something cute in front of an embarrassing mess like the precarious pile of plastic bags in the background? I swear, I'll go recycle them today. Just let me look at my Rowan mag first...

March 29, 2004

Assassin Bees

I almost finished one clog and I am starting the toe decreases on my Winter Eclipse socks so I don't have anything interesting to show or talk about.

But I went past one of my favorite restaurants in Seaside, OR this morning and it reminded me of the assassin bees so I thought I would share.

I was standing outside Corepeny's one afternoon talking to my Mom and this bee would not leave my foot alone. My right big toe to be exact. He kept flying around it trying to land on it. I moved my foot, waggled the toe, waved him away, shooed him off, and on and on. He just kept going for the same big toe. Finally, when I looked away for a second to respond to something Mom said, he managed to land on the big toe and stung me!

I don't know what was so enticing about my big toe. Was it so sweet smelling and looking that he was mistaking it for a lovely flower? Did I unknowingly step on his buddy and he was out for revenge? Was he just ticked that I took his place in line to go into the restaurant? I'll never know. I think he was hired by some vengeful, bully bug family that I ticked off and I was being made an example of. Anyone else on the sting list?

March 27, 2004

I Need a Place to Knit!

I said I was having a hard time getting my knitting spot. And now I can show you why...

It is hard to see Sapphire in the middle but all the girls gather on the couch and look so stinkin' cute that I can barely make one of them move. And quite frankly I just don't do it sometimes. Sometimes I knit on the floor.

March 26, 2004

Dogs and Felt Mania

I've been hanging out at the beach with Mom. But I managed to finish the Suki bag. The colors just turned out so beautiful and I really enjoyed knitting it up because I did the stripes however the spirit moved me at the moment. I have a picture of what it looked like before I felted it but it is in Mom's digital camera and I don't know how to get it out.

I tried to use the CDC (crappy digital camera) but it just won't take pictures unless there is a ton of light and preferably natural light. So when I finished the bag last night and couldn't wait to felt it I tried with the CDC but just got black pictures.

Now on the subject of dogs. We are in a very small cottage (perfect for the beach) with five, count 'em five dogs. And big ones too! All the greyhounds are together. You should see the wrestling matches I have to get a spot on the couch. I've tried to explain to whatever hound I'm moving that I need the good lamp but they don't care...

It has been raining and hailing at the beach and my feet are cold. So I'm embarking on yet another felting project and making myself some clogs!

March 24, 2004

Definding theSimple Things in Life

I'm not a big fan of yarn snobbery. Actually, I'm not a big fan of snobbery in general. But I'll stick to yarn snobbery...and Nilla Wafers.

There is a lot of knitting in my family. I've seen fashion knitting with beautiful, expensive yarns and I've seen the Red Heart sweaters.

I have the beautiful, expensive sweaters and cherish them. I wear them on special occasions and I often take them out and admire them.

My Red Heart sweaters are long gone since they were the sweaters I received as a kid. My Mom must have done a good job impressing on us how much work went into them because I remember marveling over the stitches and appreciating the time my Grandmother put into them.

I see people curl their lip at Red Heart yarn and at acrylic yarn in general. I can never quite understand it. OK, it might not be your cup of tea and not what you want to use for your project. But those Red Heart sweaters gave as good as they got when we were kids and they looked cute.

My Grandmother was a skilled knitter and using inexpensive yarn never changed that.

So when I hear people mocking Red Heart I think, "Hey! It is a good, utilitarian product. When did that become distasteful?"

I was on a job interview once. With a well-known, popular, cooking website. I was being interviewed in a restaurant by two women and it was going really well. We had great conversations, I was really qualified for the position and I love cooking and food so I could bring something more to the job. Then they started mocking recipes their Moms had made. Simple stuff. One was a kind of trifle and the woman was laughing and bemoaning the fact that her Mom had "cheated" in making the trifle by using Nilla Wafers and vanilla pudding.

They started ripping on Nilla Wafers. Now I can't even remember the last time I bought Nilla Wafers but there isn't anything wrong with them! And a trifle of Nilla Wafers and vanilla pudding sounds pretty good! I sat there and listened to them knowing I shouldn't say anything. They were food snobs but, well, it was their business. But after a while I thought, "I have to be honest. I have to be who I am and that person doesn't think there is anything wrong with Nilla Wafers." So I spoke up. I defended Nilla Wafers.

I did not get the job.

And I was OK with that. Because I appreciate utilitarian things like Red Heart yarn and Nilla Wafers. Nothing wrong with them. I was always a little disgusted with the lifestyle shows that imply that derisive snobbery. I was going to do a cookbook for people on budgets. Both money and time budgets. No recipes that call for saffron and to prepare half of it the night before. Mine was going to show how to doll up Hamburger Helper or how you can jazz up that Top Ramen. Realistic tips.

All of this doesn't mean I don't appreciate rare and special things. Martha would probably approve of my lifestyle (yeah yeah, I've got the candles, nice linens, antiques, and I've made the "real" trifle). I just don't like the snobbery.

I'm well aware how many of my mistakes and learning is hidden behind beautiful, expensive yarn. I'll know I've truly become a skilled knitter when I can make something up in an inexpensive yarn. And let me tell you what! With seven dogs in my family and four cats, I have NO problem with inexpensive, acrylic yarn!

March 22, 2004

I May Be Stuck in a Rut

I have suspected for some time now that I was in a specific color phase. You know when you are attracted to the same color over and over? Bonne Marie of the fabulous Chicknits complained that she was stuck in Shrekville because she wanted to do everything in a bright pistachio. Now she is going pink.

I am currently going through a brown/blue phase. Note the Pebble Dash I gushed over yesterday. My first socks I did in a brown and blue stripe that I just love and wear all the time. And this came today:

Cotton yarn and pattern

I'm a little frightened that I forget I order things online almost right away. On one hand it is fun because it is like Christmas and I know I'll like the gift! On the other hand, I'm too young to forget like that! I got this beautiful mercerized cotton from elann.com along with a great cable pattern. Dancing Vines. Can you see what color the yarn is? Yep, brown and blue...

But look how pretty the sweater is! I hope the variegated yarn doesn't interfere with the cable pattern. If it does I can use it to make the basic ribbed pull over I have been wanting, talking about, and not knitting. You experts out there, can you do a cable sweater with a variegated yarn?

Dancing Vines sweater

March 21, 2004

The Planets are Aligned Once Again

I have more than one project I like again. Ahhhhh. I feel much better. I found an excuse to pick up a skein of yarn I have been coveting. Rowan Chunky Print in Pebble Dash. My fingers get so cold, especially sitting at the computer. Even in the summer (bad circulation I guess) so I decided I needed some fingerless gloves or wrist warmers. It doesn't seem like they would work but down vests work, right? So I found a Rowan pattern I have always loved and am whipping up my Crumbles (wrist warmers).

I love the color way of this yarn so much I'm pretty sure I'm going to succumb, sell the family farm, and get a tonage of it to make a bulky, loose, ribbed sweater for me that I have been wanting.

Chunky Print Pebble Dash

Pebble Dash

Delicious browns, tans, creams, greys, and blue greys. Pebble Dash is a good name. I have a thing for rocks so no wonder I'm attracted to it! And I absolutely adore yarn that varies in size. I love texture so much and stuff like this makes me happy!

Stitch n' Bitch was good. It always is. It was the one year anniversary of my LYS. So there was champagne and cake and I was good and had none. I just had a little herb tea. No sugar or white flour for me. Towards the end, Lisa, the owner of my LYS opened her doors to us stitch n' bitchers for a little sale. Thus helping me rationalize my impulse buy. I also got some more sock yarn because there were a couple colors I couldn't live without. My life is in danger of ending because of beautiful yarn quite often I'm afraid.

Our Stitch n' Bitch was held at Urban Eccentrics which is a very cool thrift shop and they were quite gracious in having us there. I wish they had a website for me to link to but I highly recommend a perusal if you are ever in downtown Vancouver, Washington.

March 20, 2004

Beating my Head Against the Wall

I have been wrestling with getting Movable Type running on this site so I'm not having to code all this HTML myself and it is just killing me! How have so many people managed to use it? It is not an easy install!!

So to break the tension with computer trials, I continue to knit. I finished up the Shapely Scarf (it is actually shaped weird but it drapes just right). Here is the lovely Sapphire modeling it for us this afternoon...

Sapphire modeling the Shapely Scarf

I forgot to talk about the Knitting Meet Up I was supposed to go to Wednesday night. That actually didn't work out. I drove all the way there (which was a hike, let me tell you!) and then when I finally found the coffee house there was no parking. Absolutely none! Six spaces in back which were full and construction and No Parking signs on all the side streets. It wasn't a nice enough neighborhood that I would park a few blocks away and walk. So after all that, I ended up just going home. Phooey! I'm not going to do that again!

My local LYS is having a Stitch n' Bitch tonight though so all is not lost. I think we are all working on a group project for a gift though so I probably won't get anything done on my projects. That is OK. I always end up having to rip out what I do at Stitch n' Bitches. I enjoy myself so much I just don't pay attention to the knitting!

March 18, 2004


I'm a hedonist. A full-blown, card-carrying hedonist. Of course, my idea of hedonistic activities include ignoring the tax worksheet I have to finish before Monday's appointment with the accountant, turning a blind eye to the dirty dishes in the sink and the filthy floor, and sitting down with my knitting to watch four successive episodes of Upstairs Downstairs. Sex, drugs and rock and roll are too much work for a true hedonist.

I had about 4 inches of the Suki bag done when I realized in my sleep (swear to God) that I had forgotten to finish the increases in round two. I did one, put the knitting down to walk the dogs and never did another increase. So now I have to rip everything out (might as well start over). That bums me out a little so hence the movie-fest.

I also want to tackle my Hazy Cable sweater again but in looking at the back I can't help thinking it is going to be a little snug. Bummer. That has kept me from picking it back up. I will probably order more yarn so I can make the next size up so this project gets put on the back burner.

So I'm breaking out a kit I ordered on impulse and is filling up one of those Space Saver bags that horrified my Mom. It is a Herrschners kit I bought on impulse. It was the right price to rationalize a large yarn purchase and I really want a knock-around, washable, long cardigan like this. Especially at the beach where even in the summer you need something in the evenings and early morning. I also like the color of this and thought (big surprise) that it would be cute with jeans.

The kit was on close-out I think because I can't find a picture of it online anymore. The yarn is Bernat Soft Boucle in a navy with hints of a dark colonial blue. Here is my usual pixilated picture.

Bernat yarn and pattern

I'm not going to declare it officially On The Needles until I've tried it out a little.

March 17, 2004

St. Patrick's Day Knitting

Full day today with seeing off all my house guests and then attending a conference most of the day. But right after the conference I'm heading over to Fireside Coffee for a Knitting MeetUp. I don't know anyone but it should still be fun because knitty people are fun people.

Here is the yarn I got at Unraveled Yarns yesterday.

Argus and balls of Cascade

As you can see, my dog Argus is a yarn fan and wanted to check out what I got for my latest project. He never judges me for buying more yarn. Unlike my Mom who took one look at my big Space Saver bags and tried to tell me I can't buy anymore yarn. I noticed she forgot she said that when I was buying this yarn and included a couple cute novelty yarns for her own bag!

And that is what this Cascade yarn is for. I'm knitting up the Suki bag finally. I got this free pattern from Knitty, a phenomenal site with articles, patterns, etc. It is a "must bookmark" for knitters of any level.

This bag is going to be my beach bag for this summer. Hence the blues. I do still want either a fuzzy light blue (not furry) or a cream or white. I'm sure I have something in my stash I can dig out. I just had an image of myself going back and forth to the yarn store at the beach with my great felted beach knitting bag with little zips of color in all the beautiful blues.

March 16, 2004

Horses and Being a Good Doobie

It was a bit of a hellish weekend as I had to put everything else aside and finished a paper for a graduate class I was taking. But yea yea yea, I'm done and initial reaction from the instructor is that it looks good.

Now I have more freedom to work on the knitting! I'm a good doobie because instead of casting on a new project I pulled this out of the bag where it was in danger of becoming a UFO.

Berroco Optik scarf

This is a Berroco Optika yarn that is heavenly and I'm finishing up The Shaply Scarf out of The Knit Stitch. This pattern seemed better with this yarn because it just looks a little dressier. It is a scarf as an accessory to an outfit rather than to keep me warm. It is stratight garter stitch but the yarn is a twist of sparkly cord, shiny boucle, and a soft homespun. This slows me down a bit because I can easily split the twist.

And I got yarn for another project today, I'll post pictures tomorrow. It feels so much better to have more than a few things going. I don't know how other people do it when they are disciplined enough to work on one project at a time! Crazy people!

I have to include a quick little bit about the horses. These horses belong to my neighbor but the field is right out front from my house. And the horses visit me a lot as I'm an excellent source of carrots and apples. Here is the view from my front door. You can't see it in the picture but there is a fence there.

Telina and Marika at fence

That is Telina on the left and Marika on the right. And this is Marika shaking me down for treats.

Marika's nose

March 14, 2004

Bugs and the Knitting Patch

As an update to the bug swallowing incident Friday, that same night I was in the kitchen pulling chicken out of the oven when the front door was opened briefly and a kamikaze moth came straight at my dish of chicken simmering in a lovely sauce.

You can guess the end. He dove in and expired in what must have been a mercifully quick death-by-boiling raspberry-chipotle-sauce. I scooped him out and served the chicken! Five second rule still applies...right?

I'm in a quagmire (or is it quandary?) about what to cast on next. True, I have several WIP but that's no fun! I have some great ideas for a felted purse. I need to spend a little time digging through my stash though to flesh out that design.

I for sure want to cast on another sock. Why not always have a sock project on the needles? They are so easy to knock out. But I'm torn between two choices. First is the beautiful Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn in color #76 or "aslan."

Lorna's Laces Aslan yarn

Grandma wants a pair of these and who am I to make her wait? She wears the striped socks I made for her birthday even though they ended up a little wild for her style. These will stripe as they are the same yarn I used for my alien socks but the colorway is so neutral and soft I think it would just end up being really pretty.

The other choice is this glorious Opal Handpainted sock yarn. I was told it was new and I can't even find a color name or number on the label.

Opal Handpainted yarn

The CDC (crappy digital camera) doesn't do it justice. It is the most beautiful Autumn color palette. Not red at all but a rich rust and golden browns and purples. I can't even find another picture of it already up on a website to show you here so it must be fairly new. There is actually quite a bit of yarn here so I kind of wish I could think of something besides socks. Each ball has 425 meters but I'm not a small woman so there isn't enough to crank out a beautiful cardigan and I don't wear vests.

I'm working hard to get actual blog software running on this site rather than me and html so then I'll be able to ask for comments and votes on what I should do. For sure by next weekend.

Before I do anything I have to finish my graduate project today and then whip up a big anniversary dinner for my grandparents. That is why I need a knitting patch. Like the nicotine patch. I have to stop the cravings so I can get through non-knitting activities!

March 12, 2004

Living in the Country

I swallowed a bug yesterday. I opened my mouth, inhaled, and saw the little sucker go in. I tried to be cool and not gag and hurl in an over reaction. Best I managed was some coughing that covered some of the gagging.

I like living out in the country for the most part. Especially now with spring making little leaves and buds appear everywhere.

New Leaves

We have moles too. I can't help but think of Moley in Wind in the Willows but I don't think my neighbors would agree. Ever seen what a mole does to your yard?

Mole holes

They aren't so much holes as a running mound with little spurts of dirt mounds. They make the ground very soft and squishy. I'm afraid to step on these mounds because I'm afraid the mole is in the dirt underneath and I'll squish him in a horrible death!

The mole isn't in our yard too much anymore. Maybe because dogs and I are there a lot. But he sure had fun in our next door neighbor's yard!

We saw the mole once. The dogs and I were outside for a walk and he popped out of one of his mounds right in front of us! He seemed to know he was in trouble right away. Smelled the dogs or something I am sure. But instead of making a great escape, he ran right towards the dogs! So they weren't exaggerating when we were told moles are blind! My dogs were too surprised to do anything and I started whooping and hollering and pulling the dogs away. I didn't want the mole to get hurt and I didn't want the dogs to muck with anything.

So I guess I'm actually responsible for the mole work in my neighbor's yard?

Beeble Beeble Beeble

I'm so depressed. My entry for March 10 somehow got completely erased. It had absolutely nothing interesting in it but I'm bummed it vanished anyway.

On one hand the vastness of the digital world is kind of cool because you can burn monstrous amounts of stuff onto magic CDs. Then you are reminded that the digital world is nothing when in a poof something is gone.

OK, so what did it say? That I had been staying at the beach with Mom and got offered a job at the local LYS (local yarn store) by the beach for the summer. It was probably karma that it got erased because I made a derogatory crack about hourly jobs.

March 05, 2004

Bumper Sticker in Parking Lot of Local Community College

Jesus votes Republican

I never knew...and here, I would have bet he voted all humanitarian causes. Do we even have a political party like that?

Spring is Here!

Whether you like it or not! The evidence is everywhere.

Have you seen the Quiznos commercials with the creepy little 2D singing things? The first time I saw that I thought I must have stumbled upon a Saturday Night Live skit. But then I kept seeing them. I checked the Quiznos website and they think their new commercials are fabulous!

They also think those things are monkeys. Have they ever seen a monkey? Those things are rodents. Hamsters, gerbils, I can't quite tell because of the creepy eyes and hats. And they don't move so they look like they took pictures of dead rodents and tried to animate them. One of them even has its little feet curled up next to its body like a little dead rodent.

Why would a restaurant want a dead rodent hawking their food?

March 04, 2004

Watch Out I'm Getting Personal

Multnomah County in Oregon has begun issuing marriage licenses for same-sex marriages. I'd put a link to the news story here but it would break in a few weeks so you can just to to OregonLive.com and do a search for the story.

I don't know the mechanics of how it was done. There is some debate on the city council making decisions in secret. Whatever. I'm so proud of Oregon government for doing this! YEAH! It is about time!! I just don't understand the ferocity behind opposing this. People seem to honestly believe that this will destroy the sanctity of marriage. If they want to ban same-sex marriages on that basis, then they had better ban adultery. And they won't do that because we know how "busy" those politicians are! Yeah, power is an aphrodisiac, yeah, yeah, yeah. Bollocks!

And wouldn't prenuptial agreements also fall under this umbrella? Did anyone picket Donald Trump when he did his shitty little move with Marla (not that what he did to Ivana was any less shitty) divorcing her just before a deadline that would mean she got big bucks from him? What about Mick Jagger? His "ah ha! I didn't file the paperwork you aren't really my wife!" trick was quite a testament to marriage! Yeah, a gay couple is going to bring down the institution.

I know people believe it is a mortal sin. And I totally accept their belief (I don't agree with it, but that is beside the point). But then why picket and scream horrible things at another human being. If it is a mortal sin, then the person committing the sin will be the one to pay. It is The Higher Being's job to judge, not ours.

*sigh* I'm just so happy for these folks who have been in loving, committed relationships, raising children, and contributing to our community. They deserve the same legal protections in our society. Actually, they deserve more. They deserve to have their unions celebrated also.

It was so sweet to see all those couples lined up outside the courthouse waiting for it to open so they can get their licenses (over 400 couples showed up). All they want is to get married. That just shouldn't be denied.

March 02, 2004

Abusing Customers

I hate it when a company I have done business with takes the opportunity to pester me. That is apparently how they thank their customers, they come back at them for more. I bought something from a large, well-known company who sells steaks. They have a wonderful product, I have always been happy with the results and I consider it a special gift for special occasions when I go to them. This company has started calling me to sell me more.

I'm astounded that that is the way they thank me for my business. Now I have to have the awkward conversation of "I'm not interested in really good priced steaks right now, please take me off your call list." In actuality, I probably would be interested in well-priced steaks but I will never buy anything from a telemarketing call and I will never buy when I'm directly marketed to. The presumption offends me. It is not an opportunity for me. It is an opportunity for them.

The cable company is a good one for this! Buy one of their services and they will keep calling you to upgrade you. Even right after you get your new service installed. My mortgage company hammered me with junk mail about insurance. And who is it that sells the information that you are a new homeowner? Don't I get any say in living someplace for a little while before the calls and junk mail start up again right away? I get to give you my life savings, AND part of my paycheck for the next 30 years and you STILL are going to sell my information?

And how about when you do business with one company (lets say buy bulbs from a catalog) and now you are getting junk mail from many many gardening companies. Gee, I wonder who pimped my information around? It isn't enough that I gave them money they want to make more off of me. "Thanks for your business, we'll be abusing that privilege now." And the joke is, the latest junk mail I got was for environmentally-friendly equipment.

It has the distinct feeling of being screwed and not getting dinner.

I'm sorry David darling, you shouldn't be right under this rant.

Brain Buzz

Now this is a hottie. He has the nose and the great chin. Yes, David Wenham deserves a growl...

I'm on the hunt for the perfect eggplant colored cotton yarn. I saw this darling pattern and now I want a whole sweater in that ribbing, those colors and that random striping.


I decided I keep track of what I'm doing enough around here I don't need to do it in the blog also. So that little feature is GONE! Just move the eyeballs to the left to see what are on the needles.

I couldn't resist the pansies and primrose today at our local BiMart. 88 cents! I am proud I managed to not fill the cart. I just filled the seat part. So I enjoyed the rare, beautiful NW sunshine and did a bit o' gardening. Got the nails dirty, prettified the front step, managed to get out of my "I'm-not-working-I'm-a-loser" funk for a little while.

I was having a little bit of a Viggo craving yesterday. Viggo is an interesting character. He isn't actually my type usually. He is too good looking and I like a bigger nose on a man's face. Anchors it, gives it character, yadda yadda. But any man who is so open to artistic endeavors without the pretension and says his teenage son is his best friend has peaked my interest.

Now if he just did something in drag I would put him on my "future husband" list. There is something so sexy about a man confident enough in his masculinity to dress in drag...

Anyway, so I was craving a little Viggo and I rented some movies he did a while back. Daylight and Prophecy. Let me save you the time. Not good. Not good at all. I almost feel like Viggo owes me one for watching them. He was good in them. He really was. But the writers for those films need to do some hard time.

Today, we are saluting great cameo appearances. Especially the ones where the actors play themselves. I saw the Will & Grace that Kevin Bacon was on the other day. He was SO funny! He did the Footloose dance. One of the better episodes in my opinion! And how about the Seinfeld that Raquel Welch did? Where she beat up Kramer and Elaine in separate fights? Another beauty. And Ron Howard's in the Simpsons. Heck, any star appearance in the Simpsons is good stuff. They are satirized really well.

Hats off you guys! I respect you a heck of a lot more when you roast yourself so well. You have more credibility in my opinion.