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You can change your size just by ignoring what it really is...

Which is something I've tried for years but I'm just going to
have to admit, it is all there! I've gotten more cute clothes that
don't fit but were so close. I was apparently sure that just having
them in my closet would make my body shrink down to fit it.

I went into Victoria's Secret with my sister-in-law over
Christmas. She is a gorgeous, fit young woman so she does her
lingerie shopping there. Me...not so much. When SIL went into the
fitting room to try on a bra, the sales girl (and yes, I'll call her
a girl and not a woman) turned to me hopefully and tried to talk me
into one of their bras.

The first thing she did was pull out the enhancer model. I guess
that is what she is used to selling. So without looking at who she
was selling to she just launched. I listened to her confused at
first and then gently pointed out to her that I have a king-sized
chest on me and enhancing them could be dangerous to the general
public. Put an eye out or something.

She looked confused ("someone doesn't want to lift and
accentuate?") and then went for comfort. I have TOLD her the kids
need a little control and she can't figure out to offer me a control
model? Does VS even have a control model? Aren't they encouraging
breast-mania? Not that there is anything wrong with that...

Finally I gently interrupted her and told her that they didn't
really carry my size. "I'm a 52D" I said. She paused, you could see
the hamster wheel turning, and then says "We have up to 46" like it
was an option I hadn't even thought of yet. I stood there a second
waiting for the rest of her sentence. NO, she was offering something
like 4 sizes too small.

I didn't know what to say to her and I didn't want to be rude
because she was a nice little gal. So I just smiled and wandered
away like I was looking at the merchandise.