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Dreams haunt me

Sometimes I hate my head. I dreamed last night that I was having
a conversation that I have always wished I had. Many years ago my
boyfriend of 3 years and I split up. It wasn't a clear cut split. It
was one of those drift aparts and you notice one day you aren't
together. I'm not surprised it ended that way. He is a coward and
preferred slipping out back doors. But I never got closure I guess.
I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I think I have unresolved

So last night I dreamed I was saying what I always wished I had
had the opportunity to say. And I was packing. We never lived
together so I don't know why I was packing in the dream. But I
think, in some weird way, my brain was moving on. Which is good. I'd
rather not think about this old boyfriend. He just didn't treat me
good enough for me to expend any energy on anymore.

Now that I literally moved on in my dreams, does this mean I am
literally moving on?

OK now fellas, line up. I think I just put some baggage away and
I'm ready for the rest of ya!